Sunday, May 25, 2008

yet another long overdue post

...because sometimes i tend to forget where i've saved photos.

anyway, here's some of us, high school barkada reunion, Trinoma, January 2, 2008. years after high school: ten. (with the exception of bogs, because technically, he 'joined' the group around 1999-2000, when i made his life hell.)

us: mitch, me, susa, dash, bart, bogs. susa can probably say a whole lot more about this, she being so exact with details, and who knows and remembers just about everything.

we had a question-and-answer round. when it was my turn to be asked, all-knowing susa dropped this on me: "Nagtitiis ka na lang ba?"

thanks guys, for that much-needed toink on my head.

ang tagal pumili, bored na si dash

ang tatakaw niyo!

baka ma-suspend ulit si bogs

never ever eat without this

ano daw?

pedal histories

More than half a century ago, dead soldiers washed up on Corregidor's shores. Now, it is a different story. Exactly how these footwear ended up in Corredigor is anybody's guess. Jose Rizal, is that you? (Of course, you can say they're part of garbage that's been carried away by the tides, but still, why so many?)

Friday, May 16, 2008

big. fat. chance.

OKAY, now: the last two weeks of the summer vacation (like i have one). all the outings are packed in that time frame when the rainy season's here. next week, office outing: trip to Corregidor + overnight camping (lying down next to dead soldiers). week after next, dash's inviting to have another go: the girls' Bum Around Day (BAD, just my coinage) at her place, definitely yes. then the family trip on the last weekend of May to coincide with my pa's birthday. no venue yet. i missed Pahiyas this week. mark salvatus left for indonesia, another exhibition. he's supposed to be host, the hotshot visual artist/pride of lucban. hahaha. tsssh, too bad, and i was really looking forward to that. saved ten film rolls for that trip. oh well. maybe next year.

i did get to accomplish something the past weeks: learn a few things. basic Filipino Sign Language thanks to the Philippine Deaf Resource Center, who had been conducting free FSL classes in UP. it's great and i'm looking forward to volunteering for their art-related (theater and visual art) programs. [on the lighter side, i already know how to say "your classmate stinks, can you pay me twenty bucks?" and "your sweetheart is handsome, can i borrow him?" in sign language.]

onward, they say. i see this year as my year of 'raketeering,' to save up for the master's thesis that has yet to be thought of (and to just have fun doing what i like, really). no topic, but i'm sure it will have a 'media' bent, because all my electives have something to do with media, globalization, and ict. i'm really just floating around (okay, more like flitting), though jim's offering some help if i do something connected with the tondo project. i could also do something along the line of the music+creative cultures research with mervin and rj (still in the works though). plenty, plenty. great prophecies. grand visions.

...and grand gestures. it could be quitting a job, or a relationship, when it's not working for you anymore. or not quitting at all when everything else says you should. for the sake of giving an example coated with drama and sentimentality, it's throwing away that ridiculous ring, that promising letter. it's going the other way. on very, very special and wondrous occasions, it's showing up unexpectedly with a glorious offering, a gift of self, while expecting nothing in return.

then we'd all go read Mauss and learn that there's no such thing as a freebie.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the cutest Rollei I've ever seen

Oh, super. I want!

The Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF5.0

Proudly continues the Rollei Twin Lens Reflex Tradition.
If somewhere deep down you have always hankered after a Rollei, you are not alone. First developed in Germany in the 1920's, the Rollei 6x6cm Twin Lens Reflex Camera has always been a preferred tool for serious photography, especially portraits. There cannot be, for example, a single Hollywood celebrity who has not been photographed with a Rollei. Now, many of the outstanding convenience features and nostalgic design can be yours in a fashionable up-to-date digital with auto focus feature to shoot between 4 inches (10cm) to infinity on 5 mega pixel image. The Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF5.0, a world's first in its class.

I got this from the Rollei website:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lahar river walking

to get to one of our partner communities, we have to cross a river. the community members told us that before the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the river was deep and clear, and you can go fishing. there used to be a hanging bridge over the river, but unfortunately some careless foreign visitors caused one of the cables to snap. crossing the river on foot is a great experience anyway. it just turns ugly during the rainy months when the water level reaches the hips, and the current's too strong. imagine living atop the mountain, and you had to walk, cross the river, and walk some more.

Two-way radio

one of our office's community development programs is distance education through two-way radio. here, we were testing a community's unit. the teacher at the other base (in the university) was having her birthday when we checked in. (10th February 2006)

Oh Manila

feels like Old Manila somewhat.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

bouncy bed

long overdue post!!! film just got processed.

this was during a sleepover with two of my best girls.

i used a Nikon FM10. solid gold film.

the girl in the photos would rather not be named, i'm sure, but i thank her just the same for being my model. i hope she doesn't kill me for this. :)

before our zzz's. i love the poster. camera on bulb for 5 secs, i think.

good morning.

i thought you woke up already?

forgive me, i don't feel particularly attached to words today.