Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what happens in the photobooth

will never stay in the photobooth!

this all went down during my brother's wedding two weeks ago.

please don't be scared.

Monday, December 6, 2010

giving directions

applicable to cab and tricycle drivers.

to ige's house: "diyan lang sa may poso."
to my house: "diyan lang sa may pusa."

quick list

adding to my Christmas wishlist:
  1. postcards box (the one i have is already full!)
  2. workout clothes (specifically for running: road & trail)
  3. trail shoes (my 7-year-old Merrells are dying)
  4. small backpack / trail bag (i sound serious in this trail running thing huh?)
  5. 60 gallons of melted cheese (heheh)
  6. portable cloud
  7. a bonsai foxtail palm
  8. hot-air balloon
  9. trip to Batanes
  10. panda hug
  11. laing pizza
  12. mozzarella fondue
  13. scuba lessons (heheh)
  14. teleport machine
  15. the bestest risotto in the whole world
  16. 10-foot bunny
  17. finished thesis (har har)

because it feels nice to wish for whimsies.