Tuesday, February 17, 2015

big things, little things

I'll be terribly busy in the coming days (weeks, months?) and I just thought I'd drop by and say Hello, blog. I neglected you again. What has happened and is happening in my life since I last posted here:

I started a new blog where I share news and announcements about art-related events. Most of them are press releases (so far), but I'm still building my network, so baby steps, baby steps. I named it ARTBUZZ PH, because the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack was running in my head when I was brainstorming.

Last January, Urban Sketchers Philippines had an exhibit called "Rough Notations" at Conspiracy Garden Cafe in Visayas Ave. The 31st was the last day of the show, so after our sketchwalk in QC Circle we headed over to Conspi to take down the works, have dinner, and sketch some more.

Our poster (center) was made by Ige Trinidad. The two framed works on either side are Manuel Jiongco's, and the art cards below are works by Cesar Ramirez Jr.

Happy bunch! We're missing a few members who weren't able to make it that day.

My new year's resolution is to draw more people, so I've been practicing and trying to develop my own style. This is Carlo Martinez. I think I'm getting there, haha.

And this is Ige, who was sketching.

On Valentine's Day, I drew portraits! Imagine how nervous I was. We were invited by Ayala Museum in partnership with Avida Land to do portraits of their guests for their Art to Heart event. I regret that I wasn't able to take photos of the portraits I did--I was feeling embarrassed/shy I guess--but I think the 15-minute sketches turned out well. Not bad, really, now that I think about it. It was fun. I think I was able to do at least 20 faces that day!

Work-wise, things are getting busy. I'm trying to do as much work as I can between my grandmother's weekly dialysis sessions, helping organize the Philippine Urban Sketchers community, coordinating with various groups, attending events and writing for ARTBUZZ, keeping myself informed about what's happening around the world, and learning new things for work. QT is spent sketching, watching Elementary, reading, cuddling with cats and dogs, and of course, sleeping. I don't get to photograph things as much as before, which is meh, but the high cost (and hassle) of film developing and scanning here is downright frustrating.

I'm currently trying to get rid of a cold. Green tea+calamansi+honey, lots of tissue, paracetamol, and 1000mg of ascorbic acid. Damn virus crept up on me.

I'll really try to post more often, but first I have to re-learn to feel a sense of wonder in the mundane. Let's just see how it goes.