Thursday, December 27, 2007

had a haircut

for three++ years, i gots the long hair. grew tired of it, finally, and so yesterday headed off to the you-know-what.

[i have to get a new ID pic taken--for the past three years i've been using the same one]

hello and happy holidays.

at least i'll be starting the new year right with less consumption of water and shampoo. yeah, savings!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The lights are up in UST

Pretty different this year. A more "modern" look, with colored lights on the trees (not just yellow-white, we have blue, red and purple now!), giant icicles (or so I think), big cubes by the Benavides monument (resembling gifts?), and laser lights from the Main Building like a Pink Floyd show.

Catch the initials "UST" it's lasered down Plaza Mayor.

The Quadricentennial Square fountain looks more glorious with all the lights. Students not wanting to go home, kodakan muna to da max.

I don't have photos...yet.

They filmed a Christmas Concert last night at the chapel. It's going to be aired on the 24th on ABC 5 in the evening.

Oh, and the annual Paskuhan's on the 19th (coinciding with UP's Lantern Parade, but later in the evening). I'm hoping there will still be fireworks. Kung wala naman, we could just replay the fireworks videos from the last Paskuhans, para tipid. Hahaha.

I hope it doesn't rain that day. Weather's been moody lately.

I wrote down "Fuji Superia and Kodak Max Film Rolls" in my Christmas wishlist at the office, adding "preferably expired". I wished whoever would pick my name lots of luck. Hmm, I should've wrote down the numbers of my film Santas. Hahaha. But hey, anything from the heart is enough thanks in advance, kung sino ka man :)

Now, I wonder if I'll be getting myself a Lomo Ringflash this year? My fisheye wants it badly. Hehehe. Hmm...decisions, decisions!

Merry Christmas to all! We deserve a good one after all we've been through this year. As for me, think positive pa rin, there have been hell times surely this 2007, but well, shrug off na lang. Give thanks for the good stuff, right?

Ayun. Happy, Happy Holdidays everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"i should've..."

...taken the community kids' photos yesterday. i had my fisheye with me, and when i found out about this photography contest this morning, i knew i should've. i didn't because we were talking very seriously with someone and i didn't want to be rude by leaving the conversation. still, i should've.

...finished writing all those articles for the university journal last week. now i'm cramming.

...allotted time for my readings for today's class.

i should stop thinking i should've and let all pass, since there's not much i can do about things that have already happened. i should keep a positive outlook and think there's always a next time, i can still do some things just to say at least i tried, at least i did. i shouldn't be so hard on myself, like a control freak oc.

but dang, i know i should've!


IN other news, my dad found my lolo's old old old Argus C3 Rangefinder (it was actually just in my lola's room all this time). When my mom texted me about it (I was doing fieldwork in Mabalacat), I quickly responded with a "Mine!" My dad said it didn't work anymore that's why lolo bought the ohmygoodness-heavy SLR Canon FTQL (which I, four years ago, declared to be my mana).

[Still pride myself in using the FTQL for a friend's poetry book photoshoot. That book won a National Book Award, plusplus,--but that's another pagmamayabang story, for another time when I don't feel so bad about myself, hahaha.]

I haven't gotten around to tinkering with the Argus but I might take it to Hidalgo one of these days for a checkup (or a resurrection, for that matter).

I'm thinking the old Argus deserves its own blog entry. So stay tuned.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

wishing i have cash for this one

Bili Na Mga Suki!

Expand your lomographic family, feed your cameras, play vinyls and meet lomoheads at the Bili na Mga Suki! Lomomanila Bazaar at Cubao X this Saturday (Nov. 17) from 2PM to 7PM. See you there!

Lomography has taken the country by storm! Thanks to LomoManila, a local photography group advocating a new form of photography rooted in individuality and freedom of expression, Lomography has recently captured the imagination of Filipinos from all walks of life.

This November 10 to December 1, LomoManila celebrates this triumph with LomoLove Too!, a repeat of last year's successful exhibit LomoLove at the BlackSoup Projects Artspace in Cubao Expo. This time, the exhibit is bigger, noisier, crazier and filled with anything and everything lomo.

This Saturday, November 17, lomographers and curious newbies can come to the Bili Na Mga Suki LomoManila Bazaar, Analog Afternoon and The Newbie Sessions at 2pm. Lomo cameras, film and other special lomo-inspired merchandise made by LomoManilans and their friends will be available. Vinyl collectors can also bring their favorite vinyl records for an old-school playlist party. Share tips and tricks and learn secrets from the lomo masters with The Newbie Sessions.

Poster Illustration: Patrick Jamora
Art Direction: Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lomolove Month

LOMOMANILA celebrates another year of creativity with “LOMOLOVE TOO!” Lomography has taken the country by storm! Thanks to LomoManila, a local photography group advocating a new form of photography rooted in individuality and freedom of expression, Lomography has recently captured the imagination of Filipinos from all walks of life.

This November 10 to December 1, LomoManila celebrates this triumph with LomoLove Too!, a repeat of last year’s successful exhibit LomoLove at the BlackSoup Projects Artspace in Cubao Expo. This time, the exhibit is bigger, noisier, crazier and filled with anything and everything lomo.For four Saturdays, the Cubao Expo, commonly known as Cubao X to the art community becomes the center of the world with activities to bring out the best in Filipino Lomography.

From photography, music, crafts and cinema, LomoLove Too! serves to become a venue where artists can come together, celebrate and inspire creativity in one another.The fun starts on November 10, 8pm on LomoLove Too!’s exhibit launch party where more than 100 lomographers bare their best works at the BlackSoup Projects Artspace. The launch is also a concert with live performances by the country’s top bands The Dawn, Cambio, Taken By Cars, The Ronnies, Top Junk, Corporate Lofi, Ang Bandang Shirley and Pasok Mga Bwitre.

On the next Saturday, November 17, lomographers and curious newbies can come to the Bili Na Mga Suki LomoManila Bazaar, Analog Afternoon and The Newbie Sessions at 2pm. Lomo cameras, film and other special lomo-inspired merchandise made by LomoManilans and their friends will be available. Vinyl collectors can also bring their favorite vinyl records for an old-school playlist party. Share tips and tricks and learn secrets from the lomo masters with The Newbie Sessions.

LomoLove Too! enters a new arena of imagination and artistry on November 24 for the Cinemalomo and Rock the X. Inspired by the movement of multi-lens action cameras, LomoManilans present the global premiere of their own lomo movies starting 4pm. A collaboration with Rock Ed Philippines, Rock the X is a film screening of the Rock the Rehas documentaries on Philippine jails. Music will also be part of the event with a mini concert to rock Cubao X.

Finally, on December 1, 4pm, LomoManila closes its exhibit with a bang with tLomopalooza, a jamming party with the best indie bands with special participation of Bitaw! Artists. Serving as the group’s Christmas Party, another Internet based community called Multiply Pilipinas is expected to join us.

“With LomoLove Too!, LomoManila hopes to spread their love of lomography and give individuals the power to unleash their own creative prowess. We may have grown so big and accomplished so much this past year, but for us this is only the beginning,” At Maculangan, LomoManila Founder, said. “Lomolove is our way of sharing what we love and enjoy about Lomography. It promotes the spirit of collaboration not only among our members, but the local art community and anyone who shares the same interest and passion. We encourage participation and also challenge our members to extend into other art forms and other communities." "Lomomanila believes in sharing, collaboration and having a lot of fun doing things!” Bong Rojales, one of the prime movers of the group added.

Lomomanila’s LomoLove Too! is made possible through major sponsors Smart Communications, Fuji YKL, Linksys and Geisler Maclang. This special event is also supported by Serye, TeamManila, Kolektib, Yocard, T-box, Havaianas, David & Goliath, Digiprint and Rock Ed. Media partners are RJ Underground Radio 105.9, Mobile Philippines, Super and

Sunday, November 11, 2007


seriously can't work in the office. morning i try to do some editing. then a highly respected older person whips up a conversation and of course i have to take part in the interaction. so work, zilch. then the phones ring. again and again. i'm beginning to think having a solid workplace isn't good for me. that maybe i should have taken a work-from-home stint instead. actually, i don't really have to stay at the office. there are other options. but then, students come to look for me to consult about a project. so i still have to be at the office. so i'm stuck and i hate it.

by next month we are scheduled to move to another office on the same floor of the building. already we are not liking it: no shelves, chairs too big, looks more cramped, no divisions, no private conference room, and that sofa set they paid several thousand bucks for the effing prussian blue shade is just too bright for the eyes. the hell. there's really something wrong with the way this institution does things.

wednesday we had a meeting about the month's activities. and next month's. good luck i say, with the puny workforce. wonder when the university finally admits it needs more community development staff. for good.

thursday, i enrolled for my (hopefully) last semester before doing my thesis. eh. it was okay, a breeze compared to what others experienced ever since UP modified the enrolment scheme. got tuesday and saturday class. afternoons. which means i'll be missing half of the lomo bazaar next saturday, which means no slide film for me. oh well.

friday, the mother of all traffic jams. spent almost an hour along espana. was it because: 1) it was a friday--quiapo day; 2) it rained that afternoon; or 3) everybody just decided to go out to the streets at the same time? all of the above? hell. i was stuck in a jeep that blared damnable remixes that can be heard all the way to montalban.

saturday, the lomolove too exhibit opening. my mom wanted to see. before heading to blacksoup she got enticed by the ukay-ukay shop in cubao x, so she proceeded to purchase some items, all in all totaling 400bucks (at 20bucks each). yay. my dad was there too. at blacksoup mom asked why my photo had a dark circle around it. i said that was the effect of the camera. she was disappointed that my photos were hung at the topmost-leftmost corner of the wall. i didn't really mind. makes them easier to find.

exhibit launch was a blast. didn't stay long with the lomo peeps because i had von to mind. he was in a better mood. more patient and enjoying a seat in front of the chinese store, eating his stash of dikiam. he's not into bands. i went back and forth, looking for my film suppliers, making casual conversations and shouting hello's amidst the noise. saw joko and macy again. glenn dropped by. i had to leave early to pick up my sisters. von still had some dikiam left, his take-home treat. i gave him a teammanila lomomanila shirt i was going to keep for myself, but realized it was too large. he said it was too easy to do we should make the shirts ourselves.

last night i had a very disturbing dream. my fears the past week have been haunting me. very upsetting. i hate it when this happens. but i have to try to trust him this time. i just get suspicious when he gets unusually thoughtful. like it's a cover-up for something you-know-what. oh yeah. didn't realize i could be so upset in a dream. sad, sad, sad.

sunday. yeah. stuff i have to do for tomorrow: 1) write the two articles for the university journal and 2) finish editing one of the office journals. it's so darn difficult to edit someone's work if the author has no writing background whatsoever, and thinks little about grammar and style. i. hate. it. and it's not really part of my friggin' job to write, edit, and do layout at the same time. it's just that it's a big office project. really big, two journals to be launched in january. even with my 'publications assignment', i am not exempted to do my fieldwork. haha. now that is my primary job. but then again, no one else in the office would and could do the journal edit-layout thing (in my opinion), so it's my fault for just being okay at this. siyet, ang yabang ko.

i know that someday i will quit my job, or ask not to be renewed. i just know it. i'm not entirely happy with where i am. maybe because of all the pressure on the journals, the disappointment with certain people, the stupid policies, the distance, the difficulty in getting a ride to and from the university i'm so tired of already, the way the admin regards staff like us, the pay, everything else. it's just that it's difficult to leave a job like this, the way you get to know people and they count on you. i feel like if i leave, the program stalls or stops. but then again, that's the way life goes. in the end my happiness comes first, because if i don't feel good about myself, i won't feel good about anything else that i do.

Monday, November 5, 2007

let's do diz!!!

Because I found it funny, I therefore tag myself by the power of Martin. He says,

Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then "likes to" (ex. "Tom likes to"). Type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own blog.

1. Lauren likes to joke that it was the roommate that scared him into getting married so quickly (a male Lauren, wow.)

2. Lauren likes to read books. Lots and lots of books. She likes to cook for her husband when he least expects it, and she also enjoys total body exfoliations. (yes, i like to read books. but not lots and lots. haha. and cooking? hmm...mebbe in the future eh? but this is the best: total body exfoliations!!! wheee!!!)

3. Lauren likes to holler at the officials. (do i not?)

4. Lauren likes to do lots of things, like be a communication major and play the tuba in the UDMB. (the, that's a grand instrument to learn!)

5. Lauren likes to yell boobies! (BOOBIEEEES!!!)

6. Lauren likes to read. Her choices mirror her career aspirations. "I like to read murder mysteries," she says. (Reading again? murder mysteries? eh, close enuf)

7. Lauren Conrad Likes to Party! (oh yeah. very nice laurens out there)

8. Lauren likes to listen to the music of Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, John Mayer, Dispatch, Tragically Hip, Bob Dylan, N'Sync and Britney Spears ... (I liked the first part, and then...N'Sync & Britney Spears? is this lauren sick or what?)

9. Lauren likes to hang out with her friends and watch Chinese television series. (ahhh...that's the life!)

10. Lauren Likes To Show Some Leg. (what the--? either laurens of the world are bookworms or true-blue party animals. oh, and male and showbiz stars)

Now, I tag everybody who reads this and finds it funny.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is Lomo. This is Love. This is Lomolove Too.

November 10
- Lomolove Too Exhibit Opening
- Opening Concert featuring The Dawn, Taken By Cars, Cambio,
Pasok Mga Bwitre, The Ronnies and Corporate Lofi

November 17
- Bili na mga Suki! Lomomanila Flea Market & Bazaar
- Analog Day Afternoon
- Newbie and Mod Sessions at Cubao X

November 24
- Cinemalomo
- Rock the X (With Rock Ed)

December 1
- Lomopalooza (Lomo pa Loser!) Concert
- Special participation of Bitaw! Open Mic performers
- Lomomanila Christmas Party

Special thanks to Francis Inton for the poster :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Commondeath Avenue

(Photo shows Commonwealth Avenue-Northbound on a good day; it's still early so no heavy traffic yet going to Fairview)

Back in my undergrad days (not too long ago) a friend of mine who did his OJT in the MMDA office in Manadaluyong commented, as we were going home to "Fairview" (we actually live right before entering Fairview), that according to the MMDA database, Commonwealth Avenue is regarded the deadliest street-avenue-highway in the Philippines, with the most number of auto accidents. A prime example of what could happen to you of you are not careful enough is put on a "pedestal" right on the island across Jollibee Philcoa. It used to be a small Pajero, I think, or a Vitara. Ha ha ha, the other drivers would say, di kasi marunong mag-defensive driving. I know personally of someone who had an auto accident right there--he was u-turning at Philcoa (back then it was still possible) when a jeepney coming from the opposite direction slammed into his car. Didn't even slow down. BAM, but nothing deadly, which was a good thing. Just had to spend some fat cash to have the car repaired.

Nowadays, it's not just the auto accidents that put Comonwealth Avenue at the top of the hell highway chart. One of the news on TV Patrol this evening was about the avenue and how much the crime rate has increased over the years. According to the data gathered from the police reports, this year has so far been the worst. From August to September this year, an average of two to three crimes and accidents happen in a week. Not included are the 'smaller' accidents and crimes that don't get reported, including over-speeding. No matter how careful you are, if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Call center agents make very good holdup targets. This I learned when the news spread that an agent gets held up almost every night at the overpass by the Convergys Commonwealth branch. QC (or perhaps it was just the Convergys management) got smart this time and installed a night guard right on the overpass.

I've been commuting through Commonwealth Avenue on my own since freshman year in high school in UST. I am thankful that nothing bad has happened to me, except of course the occasional minor collisions that made me late. At that time, getting to class on time was what I mostly worried about, because I still had Quezon Avenue and Espana to traverse.

This August, I boarded an FX going to UST from Delta, because I dropped by the BIR office first. When I got in, I thought I was being caught on cam, one of those shows where they joke around and say they'll be heading off to the beach instead, and wait for your reaction. Turns out that the FX had just been held up. The passengers didn't really know each other; they just shared a common experience. This I gathered from hearing their conversation: the two men who held up the FX got in at Batasan--one at the back, the other at the middle. "Malikot ang mga mata nila," one lady who lost her cellphone recalled. These guys locked the doors and refused to let one passenger alight at the Wildlife Center, his destination. They also refused to let the driver take the Edsa "ibabaw," forcing him to take the underpass. They had a gun. At the underpass, they collected all they could from the passengers. And there you go. They got out immediately.

One of the passengers seated at the front was able to hide his cellphone in his sock under his pants. He boasted around about his move even as I got off. I wanted to sock him and make him eat his 'saved' phone just to shut him up.

When my mom was held up in an FX (took her cellphone) some two years ago, those at the front (who usually have the chance to keep their belongings) offered to give some cash to the other passengers, since they were spared from giving up anything. Nice people, unlike Mr. Cellphone-in-his-sock-I'll-sock-you-one-if-you-don't-shut-up.

Right now, demolitions are being done, to make way for another road widening project. Gone are the vulcanizing shops, the auto shops, the barbers and salons, the goats doomed to be pinapaitan, the palochina furniture makers, the videoke bars and carinderias. The signs of life I eagerly watch in the morning going to work, and at night coming home. They will be replaced by asphalt and concrete, cars, jeeps, trucks, buses, road kill.

Maybe it is a good thing after all, with the number of people living in Novaliches, Bulacan, Montalban, Fairview, and the environs, who take Commonwealth everyday going to school, to their means of livelihood. They are more important. They pay their taxes. Which make road widening possible.

If you ask me, they should put more good cops over (t)here instead. No sense getting to work early if your pockets are empty and you're dead anyway.

Monday, October 8, 2007

don't bother me

i can't work at work. i mean, i can't do what i have to do (writing, editing) in the office. too many distractions. students popping by, office noise and random chats, my own stubborn itching to check this and that website. to discipline myself and hopefully get some stuff done, i have two options: 1) go to the university but stay in the media research office, which nobody uses except in the afternoon when there's distance ed classes; and 2) not go to work at all and instead work at home, in my brother's old room. maybe i'll do a bit of both this week. i know this is the nth time i'm writing about not being able to finish stuff for school. now there's editing to be done too, for work. i'll try to put that off to finish my essays...(sigh) i'm sooo unproductive. my fault, my fault. depressing.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


kaunti na lang ay maubusan na ako ng pasensya sa sarili ko. kaunti na lang masisipa ko na ang sarili ko sa pwet sa tigas ng ulo at kawalan ng disiplina sa sarili. nandiyan na, nandiyan na ang supercool na laptop na puno ng ultracool na stickers. nandiyan na, nandiyan na ang mga papeles na makakatulong sa paggawa ng kailangang gawin. nandiyan na lahat. pati utak. may mga daliri naman. sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa. ano pa ba ang kulang, ewan ko na.


ilang araw na lang, matatapos na ang semestre. ilang araw na lang, sisipain na ako sa programang grad skul kung hindi ko ito matatapos. ilang araw na lang. hoy lauren, matakot ka na. wag nang tamad. nakakahiya.

buti kung nakikinig ako sa sarili kong payo, di ba?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1, 2, 3, 4 by Feist

one, two, three, four, tell me that you love me more. sleepless, long nights. 'sides what my use was for. oh, teenage hope, throw light at your door. left you with nothing, but they wanted more. oh, oh, oh, you're changing your heart. oh, oh, oh, you know who you are. sweetheart, bitter heart, now i can't tell you apart. cozy and cold, put the horse before the cart. those teenage hopes, through our tears and the lies. too scared to run off, to one little life. oh, oh, oh, you're changing your heart. oh, oh, oh, you know who you are. one, two, three, four, five, six, nine, and ten. money can't buy you back the love that you had then. one, two, three, four, five, six, nine, and ten. money can't buy you back the love that you had then. oh, oh, oh, you're changing your heart. oh, oh, oh, you know who you are. oh, oh, oh, you're changing your heart. oh, oh, oh, you know who you are.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here Comes The Rain Again

the more i have time on my hands, the more i don't have an excuse to finish off (actually, start) my papers. so what do i have to do? to remind myself, let me just write it down: 1) five papers for my INC in an anthro subject (ten pages each)--i have actually written down some tiny points for each paper; i'm just too effing lazy to take it seriously and WRITE. time passes by and i slowly forget what the topics were. so 2) reread the darn topics. 3) maybe watch Kubrador again for the third (or was it fourth?) paper. 4) research, research, research. i have a gun but no bullets. a camera with no film. a topic without related literature. again, my laziness. youngest MA (then of course, PhD) holder? good luck with that, then. am such a wimp. 5) i need three articles for saturday. i have to deconstruct at least one of them. how do i do that if the libraries are closed? if i can't access one through the Net without paying 25 dollars? if my mom is against giving credit card numbers online? if i don't even have my own credit card? if i am so depressingly broke? no offices mean no paycheck, and no paycheck means...

and what if the car breaks down again, starter all choked in floodwater?

gas runs out in the middle of traffic, in the middle of torrential rain?

i go hungry, and there's nothing in the dash except worn-out batteries?

munch. munch. munch. alkaline leaves such a bitter aftertaste.

Monday, July 30, 2007

ngayong umaga...

PINAGPULOT ako ng nanay ko ng maliit na ahas (or what's left of it), matapos niya itong tadtarin gamit ang isang butcher's knife.

kwento niya, nakita raw niya ang ahas (mga 14 inches siguro yun, nu'ng buhay pa) na bitbit-bitbit ni MJ (isa sa mga pusa namin). Kumikisay-kisay pa raw. Ayun, inagawan niya ng laruan ang pusa. Tadtad! Pagkatapos ang Commonwealth Chainsaw Massacre ay naghanap siya ng paso at tinakluban ang dead ahas. Kukuhanan ko sana ng picture kaso baka ma-censor tayo dito. Hahahahas.

kaya ayun, matapos niyang i-chop-chop ang snake, pinapulot niya sa akin. "mas matapang ka dito," sabi niya nu'ng una. akala ko naman paaakyatin ako sa bubong. matagal ko na kasing gustong gawin 'yun, di lang ako pinapayagan dahil isang palapag lang ang bahay namin. kung gusto ko raw magpakamatay, dapat sa 6 floors ako tumalon, minimum. hehe. jowk. so. tanong ko, "ano ba 'yun?" sabi ni mama, "nakapatay ako! nakapatay ko ng ahas!" (intro: music from nightmare on elm street) nag-flash sa isip ko 'yung Philippine python na nakita ko sa tv nu'ng isang linggo, 'yung pinakamalaki raw of its kind. ooooo, may ganu'n kami sa terrace? kaya siguro nawala sina latte (pusa) at goldameir victoria (pusa rin).

[for some reason i find my code-switching and code-mixing funny. feeling funny.]

balik sa snake. ang chaka. maliit lang siya, mas mataba pa nga ang hinliliit ko. pero noon lang ako nakahawak ng ahas. di pa nga todo, kasi kumuha pa ako ng tissue pampulot. tsaka supot na paglalagyan. tamang-tama, dadating mamaya ang basurero. pwede sigurong gawing keychain yun. o kaya headband.

so ayun. a snake and a nanay to the rescue. ganda ng umaga ko.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lomomanila's grand EB (ear-breaking) night

...because none of my cameras (Holga & Actionsampler) had flash, i sacrificed a few hundred bucks to resurrect my Kodak Advantix cam. i might be able to post the photos tomorrow. or tuesday. or next week. blah. it was fun, great putting faces to the names, seeing the greats, the fellow newbies (we aren't so 'new' now, are we?)... lomo cams everywhere. the songs, the songs. the frenzied dancing. the noise. you know the feeling you get when, after a long hell week at work, you finally get to be with like-minded individuals and you just feel so...loved! lomo love!!! warm and cuddly all over. hahaha. effing corny. oh well. lomo on, i say, lomo on.

(Photo: Bobby, me & Tara, whom i haven't seen in six years. Saw each other again in Lomomanila, isn't that fantastic? Thanks to Glenni for the photo.)

Friday, June 22, 2007

i want 'em all

if only i had the cash to stash

away these babies

who are older than me

Friday, June 8, 2007

i'm sooo heppy

This is a photo of me doing my best to snorkel and see fish at Sepoc Beach in Mabini, Batangas. It was my first time (hehehe). Medyo naadik ako, until I swam "too deep" and choked on sea water. I propose to extend the snorkel tube (whatchamacallit, really? just snorkel?) to ten feet. Huli na kami nag-office outing (here, for the paper trail we call it "Team Building"), last 2 days of May and June 1st. I brought 3 film cameras with me: my Holga 120N, Action Sampler, and a disposable underwater cam I bought for 200 bucks. Great shots naman (see, ang ganda ko sa ilalaim ng dagat!) and other pics at my flickr site.
And this other pic I took with my Action Sampler:

Ate She, me, and Kuya Anton in the background. I loaded the cam with expired Kodak Elite Chrome (slide film), and had it cross-processed. Lotsa thanks to digiprint & LBC for making it all happen, haha. Kahit basag 'yung cd when I first received it. They replaced it the next day.

Saya talaga ng lomo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

lomolomo ka!

ang ibig kong sabihin, nalolomo na ako.

[lomography. lomography. lomography. ]

update: di ko pa nagagawa 'yung collab work kasama 'yung isang manunula.

update: sa loob ng isang linggo ay nakabili ako ng 2 bagong kamera. kung saan ako kumuha ng pera, ewan, pero puro kwek-kwek na muna ang kakainin ko ngayon. o pishbol. o kikyam.

eh ano ngayon: ang 2 kamera ay karaniwang ginagamit sa lomograpiya. wala ako sa mood magpaliwanag (ha ha ha). punta na lang kayo sa Film ang gamit (babay muna digital), medium format ang isa, ang minamahal kong Holga 120N (120mm film, ano daw?) at ang ActionSampler, na kumukuha ng 4 na pektyur sa isa. Aaa... bisitahin nyo na lang ang lomohome ko. naglakas-loob pa akong sumali sa lomomanila!

masaya siya. pramis. iba 'yung thrill pag hinihintay mong ma-develop ang mga pics. kung ano'ng itsura, astig ba ang effect ng pagko-cross process, maganda ba ang vignettes, and so on and so forth till death do us part.

ayun. eto nga pala sample, si hugo:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

unti-unting bumabalik

sa mundo ng sining. medyo matagal din akong nawala, at ngayon masaya ako dahil nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob na ibahagi ang aking mga larawang-kuha sa isang grupo ng mga manunulat. may isang nagpahiwatig ng kanyang interes at nagpadala na siya ng mga tulang babagay sa mga litrato. ang galing. sana may patunguhan.

Monday, January 22, 2007

sunog sa araw

kung bakit ba ang bilis mamula. uy, mestisa kuno.

galing ako sa bongabon, nueva ecija. nag-ani, nagbalat ng sibuyas. hanggang ngayon amoy sibuyas pa rin ang kamay ko. at ako.
pinauwian ng kamatis, talong na bilog, siling mahaba, kalabasa, at siyempre, sibuyas AT atsarang sibuyas (dahil ako nga ang nagbalat).
(picture: kalabaw sa may sibuyasan)
makaligo na nga.