Sunday, August 29, 2010

the new tinies

My beloved rat Gypsy died last week, and my mom lost no time in planning a trip to Avilon Zoo to get new rats--"apat na kaya," she suggested, "para masaya sila."  Gypsy started showing signs of being sick after her companion Dublin passed away last July.  [Gypsy also had a mammary cyst common to half of the female rat population.]  The night before she died, she just lay in my arms sniffling, hardly moving at all.  It was difficult to say goodbye, so I just said goodnight to her before I went to sleep.  When I woke up she was gone.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

saturday at home

i spent it sleeping, watching 'the killers' on dvd and the news on tv, having my hair treated (the yearly make-it-straight thing), cuddling austin, checking my tumblr, and scanning old photos then uploading them to tumblr.  

then uploading them here:

first, i would like to say hi.

my aunt's first communion.  she's the one with the downcast eyes and twisted braids.

my great-grandfather. my grandmother writes at the back of this photo: "Pa seems to be lonely not knowing yet the death of Uncle."

a funeral scene postcard.

“This was taken near the big rock in front of the house.”
my dad (in the foreground, inside the inner tube) and his siblings & cousins April 1968.  this is also where i “learned” to swim by accidentally being swept away by waves.

inscription on the back reads: "Good Friday in the fishpond."
This was in Santiago Cove in Ilocos Sur, Philippines, where my maternal grandmother’s family comes from.  Date on photo: 1968.

my aunt and my dad.

L-R: My grandfather, my grandmother, three aunts, and my dad. 
Inscription on the back of the photo (most probably written by my grandmother to her sister in the States):
"Aug. 12, 1970.  This was taken at the U.P. campus.  Anabel & Benjo are very much taller than me.  I guess that when you will visit us Cecile will also be taller than you."

“The kids had your lot with mark X as their background.  This is with concrete roads and gutters as you could see.”
March 1971.  That’s my dad at the right.

my aunt and my dad (seated) with their dolls: a bonnie lassie for her, an indian chief for him.

"Pa is giving instructions to the men catching fish."

the beach!


there's a lot more old photographs stored in our living room cabinet, and when i have another lazy, stay-at-home time, i would definitely scan and upload them too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Canonet QL17 GIII test roll

I've always wanted to have a rangefinder.  I learned how to use an SLR with my Lolo's Canon FTQL; I felt learning how to use an RF would round me up pretty nicely as a film photography enthusiast.  I did a lot of research about the different kinds of rangefinders, the photos taken with them, and whether they'll only run on phased-out batteries or if they could be used on full manual mode.  I was glad to see for sale what I think the best RF was for me: the Canonet QL 17 GIII.  I met up with Candace, from whom I also purchased my Snap Sights underwater camera, and gladly bought the RF.  She also gave me five rolls of film, which was really sweet.  :)  I couldn't wait to test the camera--Candace wasn't able to test it herself since buying it--to see if I need to have it CLA'd (cleaned, lubricated, adjusted) at Hidalgo.

The first thing I did was to take out the deteriorating black foam by the back cover--they'll surely let in light leaks, which I don't want to have with this particular camera.  I asked ige for some black Blu-Tack to use as sealant.  I then did a bit of lens cleaning just to be sure.  Finally I loaded it up with the Fuji 160 NPS film Candace gave.  I hoped I still knew how to tweak manual exposure settings, because I was going sans metering.

After finishing the roll I went to Photoline at SM San Lazaro to have the roll processed and printed because I really, really wanted to see my shots right away.  I did contemplate on having the negatives scanned to CD, but I didn't want to shell out cash (imagine that!) on something uncertain.  [I did the same with my Olympus Pen EE.  When I saw the shots I decided to just let it retire.]

Enough blah, so how did I do?  See here! :)  [The texture on the photos is from the photo paper.]

Miel taking a bath


Bianca & Katya


the morning papers

too many

Miel & dada

I think the camera and I did pretty well!  Here's a long, beautiful friendship! :)