about lauren

Lauren likes felines, elephants, afternoon naps, paper, and window seats.  When not working in front of her much-loved Chromebook, she may be found reading, sketching, taking photos, trying to cook, and going on walkabouts. When not found, she's probably just ghosting.

When she was 21 Lauren used to dream about being the youngest PhD holder in the field of Philippine anthropology but she has since given up on the idea, choosing instead to let the universe unfold as it should learn a little bit about everything, including juggling (she fails) and how to make risotto (0 attempts at the moment).

Now 33, Lauren prides herself on the solid relationships she has with her toaster and coffee press. She lives alone in Baguio City with a solar-powered toy elephant, a small wooden mannequin, a thrift shop-bought handmade toy horse (zebra?), a tiny wool donkey she made herself, a few bulul (wooden carvings representing the Ifugao rice gods), and some potted plants that are miraculously still green.

The road to her becoming a crazy cat lady isn't so smooth (pets are not allowed in her building) is going smoothly now that the house she's renting has been taken over by the neighbors' cats. She also gets her dose of feline sass when she comes home to Manila, where her family is owned by at least 13 cats (they also have dogs to play with and boost their morale, thank God).

Lauren currently works as a writer and editor, but doesn't edit herself when she writes here. Because.

Say hello! 123sajeepney@gmail.com.