Saturday, March 31, 2012

upside down

entertaining myself at home on a saturday night: leg stretches and push-offs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

photos by a four-year-old

while we were preparing for a cousin's wedding, my niece got hold of our digital camera and began point-and-shooting away.  i just did some mediocre post-processing (b/w, cropping).  my niece is getting bored at home now, because school's out.  maybe we should enrol her in kiddie art, dance, or swim class.  or all of the above.  anyway, here are her photos!

aunties doing their makeup

maternal great-grandma

hot dog hugo dmitri sleeping in the sun

paternal great-grandma

table faux fur


mom against the light

she's a better photographer than i am!  i'm beginning to think too much (and overlooking the small but awesome stuff) that i haven't taken (fun) photographs in ages.  this will change soon!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

second breakfast

since i have my (light) breakfast at around 5:15-5:30 every morning, by the time i get to the office i'm already hungry.  so i have second (light) breakfast, a la hobbit.

i usually have a small pack of biscuits or a cupcake, and a cup of instant coffee.  

but since i'll be saving some money by not commuting home later (my dad's going to pick me up, along with my mom and my rice ration haha), i decided to give myself a little treat.

krispy kreme bacon & cheese pull apart!
haha nah, it could pass off as one though.

the friendly neighborhood bakery just across the campus gate had this bacon & cheese bread (muffin? pull-apart lookalike?) that cost fifteen pesos.  i got the instant cappuccino (with chocolate granules!) from seven-eleven for sixteen pesos.  my second yummy breakfast cost me thirty-one bucks!  cheaper than my everyday fare going home.  ohwell.

i popped the bread in the microwave (yuck, i know) and made my cappuccino.
this is why i'm not a flood blogger.

the bread was actually more filling than its more famous lookalike, and, washed down with the creamy capp, it was one of the best second breakfasts i've ever had.  :)

how about you? do you eat as much as i do? what did you have for breakfast(s) today?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

a taste of the high life

by "high" i mean the 16th floor of a condo building, haha.  it also includes walking around a little corner of makati on a weekend, shameless eating, and swimming in the condo pool.

 the mighty white flower

 tad & ige

 hungry but heppy

 mushroom soup <3

 the two titas 


 a little before six

 i am a morning person

 tad got the best spot


 we went to a music store and browsed around for "new" stuff.  we didn't buy; i just wrote down what caught our interest so we can "research" the music later. :P

 afternoon lighting is <3

 thank you titas!

 warm afternoon sun = drowsiness (now we understand why cats do what they do)

 finally got to test ige's lo-fi digital underwater camera! :)
skyward view from the pool

 this photo makes it look as if i have sideshaved hair, haha


we had this spinach & mushroom quiche from mccafe. kinda bland to my taste. maybe a little more salt? cheese?


thank you to the pagaduan family--tito fabs, tita cecile, tad (and tissa, unfortuantely she had classes and wasn't able to join us), and the trinidads tita aggie and ige (and tito marit in canada!) for the awesome weekend staycation.  :)