Friday, August 28, 2009

because Multiply is blocked here in the office,

and i got my film scans yesterday,
here are some new photos!

the thursday kids :)

ka ige :))

li'l blush tripped on acid

crossing to sm north

miel & papa
(i used elitechrome, i think)

nomnomnom-ing on pik-nik

grabe magtaas ng paa ang batang 'to!


overexposure to the max + crossprocessing = whoa.

the ocd girls and sir cas

short hair me + kuya puroy and tang & kuya tony
psychedelic yellow colorsplash flash

ate baby: "huy aswang ka!"

ninang me & miel

me & tissa
katakot ka pare. kinikilig ako.

Monday, August 24, 2009

twice along and once around

for the Maynila Exhibit at Sigwada Gallery
June 24, 2009 - July 14, 2009

Collaboration with Ige Trinidad.


i can't sit still

everytime i open the book i edited, i see a typographical error glaring at me.

i want to doodle something but i don't have a thick, blank sheet with me right now.

i hope jay e-mails an update for boxed soon.

i'm thinking of a new thursday kids project. the 'at least one photo a day' photo-taking is starting to become boring, probably because of my (monotonous) work routine. sad.

the red and white polka dotted shoes i'm looking for are eluding me. the ones i find are always the wrong color combination, heel height, or size.

new office event coming up: the styro-free campaign launch. what to say, what to do?

we want a diana mini.

Friday, August 14, 2009

it's finally out

the research journal i worked my pretty *ss off editing and layouting. i started work on it in 2007. aaand when i got the first copy from the publishing house this afternoon i saw a caption typo, one that i didn't see before, because i focused too much on the referencing and grammar and such. totally my fault. grrr. sorry, i just had to let it out. hmm. it made me remember a dalisay story. ohwell. i really should learn to let go of the grrr feelings and hope that nobody else notices or will care about the typo (or typos, if i missed more than one, and i hope not) too much. hahaha. anyway, the book will be launched next week thursday, organized and hosted by yours truly.

i'd like to thank our student assistant tang (nahihiya daw siya) for modelling the book for these photos.

*note: i didn't pick the cover color, my boss did. i wanted an off-white background, but since he wanted some black-gold-black-white, well, there 'tis. and it was too bad we could only afford to have it printed in mono because it has some really nice pictures. another ohwell.

okay, now for some details. a short something from the invitation reads:

We would like to invite you to the launching of the book PA-Riles: the UST-CCMF Tondo Youth Community Development Program Participatory Action Research Experience on August 20, 2009, from 4:00-6:00 PM at the Grand Hall of the University of Santo Tomas Museum Mezzanine Level, UST Main Building. In addition, the documentary film on the Tondo Youth Development Program, titled “Daang Bakal: Buhay at Pag-asa” will also be launched and shown.

PA-Riles is a process documentation of the Participatory Action Research project of the University of Santo Tomas (through the Office for Community Development), the Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation (CCMF), and the youth of Barangay 228, Tondo, Manila , from June 2004 up to May 2007.

there you go. i'm crossing my fingers things in the coming week will go smoothly for the launch. (this is a really big office thing.) wish me luck. :)

thursday kids: "next!"

i realized i haven't been posting our album art these past few months.

for those who want to know, ideas for the 'covers' come up during extra-special instances and experiences ige & i go through which are funny, charming, frown-worthy, endearing, and of course, memorable. we send each other messages through the covers, yiheee. kind of an inside joke. :) we've made thirty-five covers so far (correct me if i'm wrong, pare) and these show our uh, 'styles'--ige mostly with the ink and brush work (digital and otherwise), and me with my photographs. these last few months though, we felt that we could 'advance' and move on from squares to rectangles. it's time to make posters! heheh. whaddayasay dude? :)

as i wait for ige's response (i'm sure he'll agree, haha), may i just say that Poster Cabaret is a joy to look at. thanks for the link and for introducing me to FecalFace! it makes me proud of the little things that i do. :)

and now, before we change the shapes of our 'love letters' (hwek-hwek-hwek), let me post what could be the last of our album art. enjoy. :)

he made this while i was in Vietnam

he thought these were real boats (they were actually model boats i found in a souvenir shop in Ho Chi Minh)

after a boo-boo :)

and even after dreaming

and those *sigh* moments

and when he got sick and wasn't able to go to work, just when i had to go to makati.

senti much? hahaha.

so that's it. let's see what the thursday kids come up with next. stay tuned. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

dear tito ige,

see, i grow up so fast. thank you for the outfits!
♥ miel

(uhm...baliktad ata 'yung pagkakasuot nu'ng dress, at muntikan nang hindi magkasya 'yung terno. siksik eh.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

just my .02

If Carlo J. Caparas does not want criticism, he should just keep his mouth shut and refrain from dissing National Artists, and most of all he should stop comparing his "achievements" to theirs. The more he speaks in defense of himself, the more he shows how stupid and how undeserving he is of the award.

While the issue has been blogged about many times already, I just felt like saying a few statements because I was part of the process; I saw how preparing for the awarding was conducted. Very briefly I helped an artist-friend from CCP 'compile' the visual art nominees' works into shorter documents that we submitted to the higher-ups. The (now-stupid, because he let out personal attacks) director of course, handpicked by a more stupid president, wouldn't have passed the criteria (I bet I do more sketching than he does), and we wouldn't have seen his name on the list. It was stressful yet overwhelming to go through the files of the nominees (as in, wow), and again it was no place for Carlo J. Caparas.

And what about for film? Yeah yeah, his movies gave people jobs. Yeah yeah, his movies filled the cinemas. Yeah, so? If he wanted an award from the UNDP and the MTRCB then he should apply for that. We're talking about the National Artist Award here. Obviously he doesn't know what that means, and I would have forgiven him for that, but since he's on stupid hero-villain mode wielding havoc with his mouth, I just hope that an epiphany comes and he would see the light, that he would refuse the award, just like they do in the movies. Or, maybe we could all just stab him.

If he doesn't want to be blamed for the mistake that is the stinking presidential prerogative, he should just shut up and refrain from saying anything against other National Artists. If he says it's not his fault that he's National Artist now, that he didn't beg his politicking little madame for the honor, he should at least be humble and stop defending the award given him, the greedy bastard.

How you name your artists is how you define your art. Hmm.

Let's just hope the rest of the world, the many smart others, do not take one for many. Carlo J. Caparas is just one rotten apple in an otherwise good bunch. And the other good bananas are probably trying to squirm away now.

Let's imagine Ang Kiukok and Lino Brocka turning over in their graves because of this blatant display of ignorance of the craft. Oh, and I'm sorry Nick, but this doesn't deserve a beer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

I celebrated my third birthday with President Cory Aquino

a Cory doll, that is. :)

It was March 1987, a year after the Edsa Revolution and right before my mom left for the States. Everyone loved the new President, including my family (my parents joined the revolution, i think, oh the youth of the eighties). My lolo bought me a Cory doll and put her on my cake. The food has long been digested of course, but we kept the doll, and I found her again, as my personal tribute to Pres. Cory. Ako lang yata ang may ganitong manika. Yata. Hehehe.

awi, niknok, and cory

mommy tessie, kuya russell, awi, niknok

awi hungry na!

with mama (di halatang dinutdot ko na yung cake)

red dress! and nanay bebang, my lola sa tuhod

lolo's girl ako.

awi & niknok with daddy resty & mommy ely

kuya joni, kuya russell, ninang arlene, awi, and mommy tessie

22 years later!