Monday, May 28, 2012

some small ones

some sketches in my moleskine plain cahier. looking forward to filling up all of my other notebooks with lecture notes, thesis thoughts, doodles, what i had for lunch, schedules, list of expenses, quotable quotes, library materials to borrow, project ideas, grocery lists, homework, new albums to download buy, 10 things i hate about you, stuff to photocopy, new places to explore, shows to go to, errands, and what i would like to ask from my fairy godmother.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

a little push

because sometimes it's difficult writing on a blank page, i made a few doodles on some of my moleskine cahier pages, kiddie stationery-style.  i used my trusty sakura brushpen and j. herbin vert empire ink (my favorite shade of green, diluted with a bit of water) in my sakura koi waterbrush to make the doodles.  i'm thinking now, why didn't i do this before???

and that's it!  i'm thinking of getting a couple more waterbrushes (the koi is cheaper than other brands, and works very well!) and filling them up with other colors (some light golden brown, perhaps, or turquoise?) so i can have some coloring material on the go for the moleskine.  the plain moleskines don't take in watercolor too well, and also have some feathering issues with fountain pens. oh well--here's a good way to keep my moleys, brush pens, and fountain pen inks happy! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bookmarks from kayni!

I made my mark on this bookmark (ha-ha) using my trusty calligraphy pen.  I should really follow my own advice.  Go read, Lauren!

Hi!  It's been a hectic week--my last days at my regular job.  Plenty of documentation and filing being done, making exhaustion set in even before I get home.  Last night I had a treat though--kayni's kreations came in the mail!  I was thrilled.  Just look at those lovelies!

I'm excited to go back to school (I may be only saying this because I haven't gotten around to doing any schoolwork yet, haha), and these bookmarks will surely make reading more interesting.  They're adorable, and they match my book (and notebook) collection perfectly! Love, love, love the vintage design!  I might spend more time admiring the bookmarks than reading though, teehee.  :)

Thank you, kayni, for the beautiful bookmarks! 

There's plenty of other neat & crafty stuff in her etsy shop here. :)

Illustration Friday: sight

love at first sight(s)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

it's bullet time!

Actually it's a late "bullet time!" announcement, because this activity was done last year.  The film photography group I'm in had so much fun ogling at taking photos of the members of Parkour Manila as they did their stuff. 

Bullet Time Manila, PH

Members of Shutter Revolution, in collaboration with the group Parkour Manila, met and shot a series of film pictures depicting the intricate moves and stunts of Parkour to promote said activity. The still shots are then stitched to form a video that is reminiscent of a Bullet Time effect showing the stunt from every angle.

Shutter Revolution is a community of photography enthusiasts armed with their vintage cameras and plastic cameras loaded with fresh and expired films, intent on capturing everyday moments. The group started out as an online community of less than 20 members on April 10th 2011, blossoming into a membership of 200 by its first year. While able to maintain a strong online presence in the most popular social networks:, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, its main page; Shutter Revolution finds time to organize photowalks, meetups and projects about twice a month.

Music: Everything They Say by Eraserheads

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

illustration friday: hitched

this weeks' Illustration Friday topic is hitched, and, consciously avoiding drawing something about marriage (a lot have illustrated on it already!), i decided on sketching the cow or lanyard hitch.  i used this knot to tie yarn onto bookmarks with in grade school, and it's one of the first knots i was able to do, way before knowing it was even called a knot.  


just a quick hello before diving in today's workpile.

pretty busy these days, as things always are in may, with preparations for the new school year and the last of the summer vacation activities.  busier since i'm making sure my departure would go smoothly (to the point of assisting my replacement!), without fuss and much breakdown in operations.  my thoughts are everywhere.

the weekend was spent at home in the company of a classmate doing stuff for her thesis, and the pressure was on to somehow do some schoolwork myself.  after much thinking and staring off to space and feeling sorry for myself, i realized that it's (again) time to change topics.  this one, this time, i hope is for good and would be approved by the powers that be.  crossing fingers.  it seems viable, and finish-able, and practical, and maybe even helpful.  i hope.

i'm keeping it hush-hush for now lest i jinx it and turn my back on it again.

the thesis betting club, as i call it, is off to a good start.  we've set goals that, if not accomplished within the specified time, earns the student some debts to be paid to the other 'members'.  debts are in the form of b-movie tickets, a bucket of popcorn for the b-movie, or some good ol' cuppa coffee.

thoughts of june are making me giddy.  i'm looking forward to learning to cook some dishes and taking a refresher course on driving, as a start.  then there's morning workouts, photo scanning, trying out my hand in new software, and writing part-time.  fun.  school stuff first, of course.  i'm even looking forward to taking a penalty course and sitting in some classes (my friend's teaching forensics!).  it's going to be awesome.

quitting my daily job and in effect losing a regular, stable income may be a great sacrifice, but it's one i'm perfectly willing to take in order to pursue what i really want to do in my life.  i guess stepping back is the new going forward.

Friday, May 4, 2012

illustration friday: jump!

head lice don't really jump (they uh, crawl), but this louse sure does!

have you ever had head lice before?  i did, several summers ago, and i spent the afternoons on my tummy while my nanny poked at the nits (after treatment with a special shampoo), making them fall off.