Monday, September 27, 2010

oh my jolly god i actually won something

A few months ago I blogged about writing with pens and notebooks again through the rediscovery of my grandfather's fountain pen.  I have been lurking about the Fountain Pen Network-Philippines' e-group and blog-stalking their members (heehee), and since then, window shopping (and a few successful purchases) for fountain pens and notebooks has been a regular habit when going to the bookstore.

I now look at ballpoints with disdain and scoff at how they would hurt my wrist if I continue to use them, and beam with pride whenever someone needs a pen and I hand over my Lamy cp-1.  How do you use this, the borrower asks me, and I feel the golden glow of self-importance in the presence of the lower creature who knows not how to use the exquisite object that is my fountain pen (I'm kidding--but it does feel good to show off.).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hairy Harry

is an orangutan from Indonesia.  We're joining a lomographic photo contest in which I take him to places and take photos of him using analog cameras.  I was so lucky to be picked to adopt Harry!