Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lomomanila's grand EB (ear-breaking) night

...because none of my cameras (Holga & Actionsampler) had flash, i sacrificed a few hundred bucks to resurrect my Kodak Advantix cam. i might be able to post the photos tomorrow. or tuesday. or next week. blah. it was fun, great putting faces to the names, seeing the greats, the fellow newbies (we aren't so 'new' now, are we?)... lomo cams everywhere. the songs, the songs. the frenzied dancing. the noise. you know the feeling you get when, after a long hell week at work, you finally get to be with like-minded individuals and you just feel so...loved! lomo love!!! warm and cuddly all over. hahaha. effing corny. oh well. lomo on, i say, lomo on.

(Photo: Bobby, me & Tara, whom i haven't seen in six years. Saw each other again in Lomomanila, isn't that fantastic? Thanks to Glenni for the photo.)

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