Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deflate is on detable.

thursday morning

this is what happens when many blog-worthy events in my life occur at the same time: they don't make their way into my blog. i get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what i want to say, and often my hands can't catch up with my mind, so i just say "it was ok". i'm not very good at summarizing really; as much as possible i include details ("show don't tell"), and i disappoint myself when i forget to say something. so it's either i babble a lot or i don't say much at all. sometimes i wish i could just stick a flash drive in my ear, upload narratives (and expletives if need be), and transfer to the computer. i guess no one's invented the technology yet. the cure for lazy writers who can't filter.

yes, there's makiling, ust, sigwada, home, cubicle, sigwada, and back home again. reports, encoding, walking, coffee, documentation, guessing, exhibits, waiting, cab rides, and thursdays.

hang up

"The place smelled of coffee, but he wasn't there, the coffee wasn't his."

tad boXed up

"After confessing this she was sure his response would begin with a T."

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