Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day, happy birthday

i have a plant by my desk.

i collect choc-nut wrappers.
and bus tickets and film boxes and film sleeves and load cards.
i will put them all to good use someday.

as much as possible i avoid using styro containers.
(but i still have to learn to sacrifice drinking from a straw--i like ice cold drinks but the ice annoy me when they touch my lips and get in the way of sipping.)

doing our part: the secret is believing that little things do matter, and often one good deed follows another.

♥ happy earth day everyone! ♥

today is also my bff's birthday.  we've been friends for 13 years.
here's to more!  happy birthday susa!


Susa said...

Hahaha! Thank you, thank you! :D

And Happy Earth Day to you too! :D

Retro Manila said...

Was in Timog last Friday. Earth Day, they closed Morato for the concert.

After all the festivities, them happy people left loads of trash.

fortuitous faery said...

how fun! i EAT chocnut. :P