Saturday, August 28, 2010

saturday at home

i spent it sleeping, watching 'the killers' on dvd and the news on tv, having my hair treated (the yearly make-it-straight thing), cuddling austin, checking my tumblr, and scanning old photos then uploading them to tumblr.  

then uploading them here:

first, i would like to say hi.

my aunt's first communion.  she's the one with the downcast eyes and twisted braids.

my great-grandfather. my grandmother writes at the back of this photo: "Pa seems to be lonely not knowing yet the death of Uncle."

a funeral scene postcard.

“This was taken near the big rock in front of the house.”
my dad (in the foreground, inside the inner tube) and his siblings & cousins April 1968.  this is also where i “learned” to swim by accidentally being swept away by waves.

inscription on the back reads: "Good Friday in the fishpond."
This was in Santiago Cove in Ilocos Sur, Philippines, where my maternal grandmother’s family comes from.  Date on photo: 1968.

my aunt and my dad.

L-R: My grandfather, my grandmother, three aunts, and my dad. 
Inscription on the back of the photo (most probably written by my grandmother to her sister in the States):
"Aug. 12, 1970.  This was taken at the U.P. campus.  Anabel & Benjo are very much taller than me.  I guess that when you will visit us Cecile will also be taller than you."

“The kids had your lot with mark X as their background.  This is with concrete roads and gutters as you could see.”
March 1971.  That’s my dad at the right.

my aunt and my dad (seated) with their dolls: a bonnie lassie for her, an indian chief for him.

"Pa is giving instructions to the men catching fish."

the beach!


there's a lot more old photographs stored in our living room cabinet, and when i have another lazy, stay-at-home time, i would definitely scan and upload them too.


fortuitous faery said...

gorgeous vintage photos! it's nice to reconnect with one's ancestors through such heirloom photos.

Aamea Hamasa said...

Love this photo...I'll contact you soon