Monday, February 7, 2011

Batangas weekend

I joined fellow photography lovers (lomographers, film photography enthusiasts, analog camera bugs, digital masters, point-and-shooters, you know what I mean) on a tour-trip to Taal and Bauan in Batangas last January 29-30.  We toured and took pictures of the historic town of Taal and then went to Binukbok Beach Resort for some R&R+overnight talkathon, and then back to Taal the next morning to take the 'official' heritage tour.

Met new friends, saw lots of cameras, took lots of photos, and I also managed to scrape my knee and feet on sea rock-corals.  Good thing one of us had a stash of gauze with him (again, thanks Happie).  Big shoutout + high five to the rest of the Fab Four (the four of us somehow "stuck" together during the trip): Erick, Lorna, Happie.

Lotsa thanks to Coun. Yanille Dalangin of Bauan--a shutterbug too!

Having soft-serve ice cream at the "big" 7eleven :)

Happie only had one film roll, so I said I can have his roll developed together with mine.  And so I am taking liberties in posting his shots now.  Haha.  Shots from Happie's cam:

 After swimming--you can see my bandaged knee!

 Shadow shot, left-tight: Happie, Erick, Lorna, and yours truly

Multiple exposure ftw. 

All of us: the Manila crew and the Batangas crew!

This is our "wackiest" shot. (From Happie's DSLR)
 This one's from Erick's Yashica TLR.  Badass!

I also brought my underwater camera.  Glad I did--the others' underwater cams leaked.

I like this shot I took of Erick:

And these Holga shots.  I missed my Holga.  It remains to be my favorite--if only 120 film isn't hard (and expensive) to come by!

The Taal Heritage Tour took us to different landmarks and historical sites.  Here's the group preparing to descend the steps going to the Our Lady of Caysasay Shrine (shots from my 'Micky' toycam).

Oh yeah, before we left the beach resort we had a photo op with our cameras--but of course! Photo grabbed from Happie.

Erick congratulated me on my first (major) group lomowalk.  Funny how I've been with Lomomanila since 2007 and I haven't joined one phototrip!  I've been too reclusive  ;)  Thanks guys, for the experience--shooting with a group's really fun!  
They're planning a couple of other walks this month, and I hope I can join (if time/schedules permit).  My cameras need some using (and my photography skills are getting rusty!).  Haha.

More photos in my Multiply.


Medz said...

Thank you for the pictures. Welcome to Batangas. Philippine Action Group for social Responsibility - Batangas.

Ibyang said...

happy vday Lauren!!!

love your lomo photos...especially with all of your foot in a circle.. very nice!