Monday, November 14, 2011

hey november

you're okay. 
(so far.)

random shots taken with my (gasp!) 3.2-mp cellphone camera.

my cousins' dog.  she's very nice.

i'm not really good at tying hair, but i think i succeeded in making a practical, hair-off-the-nape ponytail for my niece. (this was how i did my long hair four years ago! i would have five to six bands.)

 some of the dogs (we have seven) on a warm sunny afternoon. yup, they take over the sofa set.  top: katya, dachshund; middle: frankie, boston terrier; and bottom: dutchess (this is how i spell her name okay), shih tzu. zzz.

meanwhile, fuzzie doesn't love me.  i have grown to accept that fact.  oh well he doesn't love anyone.  he only notices me when he wants food. i try to cuddle with him and he slinks away!

almost correct.  i don't remember pronouncing an 's' sound after my name, so uh, i don't know why they think i have a boy's name. 

 bonus webcam shot!

i had my third and final dose of anti-cervical cancer vaccine.  :)

so, what else do you have in store for me, november?

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kayni said...

oh...fuzzie loves you secretly. you have a lot of dogs. we used to have about five dogs at some point when i was growing up. they eat so much :)