Tuesday, August 28, 2012

oh hello

a month with no post??? shame!

i haven't been in a storytelling/blogging mood lately, so i'll just lay out a quick one for now.

the highlight of my month is a trip to davao with film photography friends. we booked the trip on december last year (one of those airline promo fares) because it coincides with the kadayawan festival. my film rolls are still awaiting processing, and i'm excited to blog with those photos. my digital ones from a p&s aren't as exciting, so...do wait for my next post!

i also got to spend the last holiday in a city park, walking and eating and riding a rented bike with my best bud. it was fun and afterwards we went home to bones, chips, and beauty and the beast.

[just a thought: it would be awesome to have a warehouse studio. it would have a skylight, a whole wall of shelves for books, toys, cameras, & knickknacks, a mezzanine sleeping/lounge area, a desk & some plants by the window, and a coffee & tea corner.]


Ibyang said...

love your idea of a warehouse studio. my husband and i have same dream for our future "creative space" but we'll probably add a wine bar hehe.

witsandnuts said...

Excited to see your film photos! We did catch the start of Kadayawan fest last year. I miss Davao.