Wednesday, February 27, 2013

quick rundown

I didn't mean to let a whole month pass without writing something here, just when i said i would blog again. I probably won't get to write in detail about our family trip to Palawan last December but I surely would write about it in another blog--through the eyes of my good ol' traveling companion Miss Igorota (whose child ran away with the crocs). In lieu of a narrative, here's a video of me feeding fish:

It was so surreal, feeding fish.

Anyway here's a  quick rundown of my days. I had to wait to have my film developed!

In January I joined Carlos Celdran's walking tour of Intramuros. I brought along my trusty Canon AE-1 SLR  loaded with Fuji Superia 100 film.

It was tiring but definitely worth it (this horse is wearing headphones)!

In February I joined the Postal Heritage Tour for the second time. This time, nothing bad happened to my camera at the Metropolitan Theater, so yay!

I'll probably write a more detailed story about that tour, which took the participants not only around the Post Office Building (which will be vacated by PhilPost soon) but also some parts of Intramuros, including the Maestranza Wall. The photo above is the view from the Maestranza area. I'm looking forward to it being finished and open to the public!

Last weekend I also joined a sketching session (among other activities) at the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista in Quiapo. I missed sketching, so it was great spending time with other sketchers.

That's it (for now) for the quick rundown. I really want to be more descriptive here, but it seems all I can manage are simple sentences. Oh well.

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