Saturday, December 8, 2007

The lights are up in UST

Pretty different this year. A more "modern" look, with colored lights on the trees (not just yellow-white, we have blue, red and purple now!), giant icicles (or so I think), big cubes by the Benavides monument (resembling gifts?), and laser lights from the Main Building like a Pink Floyd show.

Catch the initials "UST" it's lasered down Plaza Mayor.

The Quadricentennial Square fountain looks more glorious with all the lights. Students not wanting to go home, kodakan muna to da max.

I don't have photos...yet.

They filmed a Christmas Concert last night at the chapel. It's going to be aired on the 24th on ABC 5 in the evening.

Oh, and the annual Paskuhan's on the 19th (coinciding with UP's Lantern Parade, but later in the evening). I'm hoping there will still be fireworks. Kung wala naman, we could just replay the fireworks videos from the last Paskuhans, para tipid. Hahaha.

I hope it doesn't rain that day. Weather's been moody lately.

I wrote down "Fuji Superia and Kodak Max Film Rolls" in my Christmas wishlist at the office, adding "preferably expired". I wished whoever would pick my name lots of luck. Hmm, I should've wrote down the numbers of my film Santas. Hahaha. But hey, anything from the heart is enough thanks in advance, kung sino ka man :)

Now, I wonder if I'll be getting myself a Lomo Ringflash this year? My fisheye wants it badly. Hehehe. Hmm...decisions, decisions!

Merry Christmas to all! We deserve a good one after all we've been through this year. As for me, think positive pa rin, there have been hell times surely this 2007, but well, shrug off na lang. Give thanks for the good stuff, right?

Ayun. Happy, Happy Holdidays everyone!

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