Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"i should've..."

...taken the community kids' photos yesterday. i had my fisheye with me, and when i found out about this photography contest this morning, i knew i should've. i didn't because we were talking very seriously with someone and i didn't want to be rude by leaving the conversation. still, i should've.

...finished writing all those articles for the university journal last week. now i'm cramming.

...allotted time for my readings for today's class.

i should stop thinking i should've and let all pass, since there's not much i can do about things that have already happened. i should keep a positive outlook and think there's always a next time, i can still do some things just to say at least i tried, at least i did. i shouldn't be so hard on myself, like a control freak oc.

but dang, i know i should've!


IN other news, my dad found my lolo's old old old Argus C3 Rangefinder (it was actually just in my lola's room all this time). When my mom texted me about it (I was doing fieldwork in Mabalacat), I quickly responded with a "Mine!" My dad said it didn't work anymore that's why lolo bought the ohmygoodness-heavy SLR Canon FTQL (which I, four years ago, declared to be my mana).

[Still pride myself in using the FTQL for a friend's poetry book photoshoot. That book won a National Book Award, plusplus,--but that's another pagmamayabang story, for another time when I don't feel so bad about myself, hahaha.]

I haven't gotten around to tinkering with the Argus but I might take it to Hidalgo one of these days for a checkup (or a resurrection, for that matter).

I'm thinking the old Argus deserves its own blog entry. So stay tuned.

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