Friday, April 18, 2008


...perfectly describes my physical state here in the office. I have it to myself the whole afternoon. We're in the process of hauling stuff from here to the new office a few meters away. The others are in the other office and since I can't really find anything to do (lots of stuff to be done, actually, but the computers aren't ready), I've been taking online trivia quizzes just to keep my mind working. I do have a lot of stuff to do--the two journals, the reports, the articles, the website. Aside from the hardware being ill-equipped for what I have to do, something else makes this a dog day afternoon: technically, I am still a volunteer. New policies require that my contract still had to go through an O.P. dude. So, I have not renewed my contract. So, when you think about it, I'm really not obligated to work today. I'm not supposed to work since the first of April!

But I'm not doing this for myself; I'm doing it for them: the communities, the office, the glory of the university! Haha, ok scrap the last one.

Shitty stuff aside, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Walking, a picnic, photos, and what-have-you, and F*ART Gallery's anniversary. I wish this particular Friday would only have 12 hours, and tomorrow, Saturday, would have 36. That would be just great.

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