Monday, April 14, 2008


In case I get the dreaded Block, here's a little something for myself to get the writing thing going. Just a few ideas for essays/short pieces that will mostly be all about me (vanity! vanity! vanity!).

1) My House - what you'll see, anecdotes about a few spots (sure to be long, but fun and easy to write)

2) I Flunked a Filipino Exam - school life (academics) from waaaay back, especially about that Filipino exam and why I flunked it (twice!).

3) Life Upon the Wicked Stage - why I was a school stage regular (narcissism to the max, but it wasn't all glory!)

4) The Villarama Home for Cats - somebody from GMA actually wanted to ask about our 'cat orphanage.' Never contacted me again, though. Cat stories, what else?

5) My Bucket List - things I want to do before I kick the bucket.

6) My Greatest Fear / Great Fears - 'nuff said

7) My Favorite Things - a la The Sound of Music, only more comprehensive.

8) I wish... - actually, frustrations. Okay, and dreams too.

9) Do Five-Year Plans Work? - let's see as I make my own.

10) My Dog Ate My Homework - excuses I make for everything so I can do what I want and hopefully get away with it

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