Saturday, June 21, 2008

the pamilee

been five years since i last stepped foot on the dominican retreat haven of caleruega in tagaytay. first time i ventured off to the hanging bridge, though, because back then i wasn't pasaway enough to go far from home base. this time, the family embarked on a tagaytay trip for the patriarch's birthday celeb, lotsa photos as usual of baby miel, more camwhorage of everyone else, including me, hahaha. here's what you get for eating too much instant noodles for breakfast. more photos and travel logs in miel's multiply site! (yes, she has one!)


ma's got vertigo and couldn't cross the bridge, so she just took this photo, woah-woah-woah

she winks just like me!

wiz ze big brudda

the baby will grow up to be just like this

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