Sunday, June 8, 2008

today's firsts

first time to...

- buy (and wear) three sets of Groucho Marx glasses (actually, just two; the other's a clown mask thingie) to help an old man. i really liked him and he was all game for a photograph!
- have my photo taken by a Luneta photographer. wearing the groucho glasses.
- chat up a couple of Luneta photographers (learned a lot!).
- see a horse being fed lunch, and his mouth being washed right after.
- have a haircut with a friend (because i usually go alone). sabay sana kami kaso isa lang 'yung gumugupit. cool pa rin.
- see 'antisocial' painter ivan roxas in a big artsy crowd.
- feel the heaven-knows-how-heavy pressure of a coordinating job. remind me to call ely buendia.
- go to bed praying i'll be able to do everything i have to do before i start having to rock myself to sleep.

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