Monday, May 25, 2009

another sunny day

"thirty-two degrees daw."

it was my mom. she was talking about the max temperature it gets in vietnam. "mainit," i commented. well, it couldn't be much different--we're almost in the same latitude anyway (i think?). [i don't really remember my geography, to think i love maps.] the amount of time i spend outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions has made me shrug off any concerns about temperature. i think my sister also checked out the weather forecast for vietnam and came up with something that had the word "thunderstorms" in it. forecast, forecast. it rains in summer, prompting more 'climate change' talk, but we can't really do anything about the possible rain on friday today. our ancestors should have known. "you people i got my genes from, you spoiled my summer, you plastic-burning carbon-emitting idiots!" now that wouldn't be nice, would it? not fair either; they didn't know. to correct the situation eco-warriors would say let's all take the necessary measures to save the earth for our future mars-going progeny. for now, if it rains in ho chi minh, oh well, rain is nice anywhere (as long as it doesn't get destructive), and anywhere with rain is nice. right now the sky promises yet another sunny, sweltering day, and somehow, in a slightly sorry way, i am glad to be in the office, airconditioning on, emitting various forms of long-term deadly stuff into the atmosphere. bad, really bad.

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