Thursday, May 14, 2009

right now

  • i just got back from our youth camp in Mt. Makiling. the best so far (or so i'd like to think, i organized it anyway, hahaha--with tons of help from officemates, yay).
  • i'm still pissed off at our shirtmaker. di ko na nga pinagawa yung design na gusto ko kasi di raw nila kaya, tapos olats pa rin. lesson learned: reserve good designs for good printers.
  • di pa ako naliligo sa araw na ito. daming ginawa sa camp eh.
  • next activity: office outing! yay!
  • my youth camp work isn't finished yet. there's still the liquidation and documentation stuff to do.
  • speaking of work, i have a deadline. university journal articles. blech. blech, blech, blech.
  • i cooked rice today. i diced a tubful of taters too, and almost cut off part of my thumb in the process. buti na lang makapal ang balat ko. hehehe. yes, i am that good in the kitchen.
  • i am craving for some spaghetti.

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