Friday, August 14, 2009

it's finally out

the research journal i worked my pretty *ss off editing and layouting. i started work on it in 2007. aaand when i got the first copy from the publishing house this afternoon i saw a caption typo, one that i didn't see before, because i focused too much on the referencing and grammar and such. totally my fault. grrr. sorry, i just had to let it out. hmm. it made me remember a dalisay story. ohwell. i really should learn to let go of the grrr feelings and hope that nobody else notices or will care about the typo (or typos, if i missed more than one, and i hope not) too much. hahaha. anyway, the book will be launched next week thursday, organized and hosted by yours truly.

i'd like to thank our student assistant tang (nahihiya daw siya) for modelling the book for these photos.

*note: i didn't pick the cover color, my boss did. i wanted an off-white background, but since he wanted some black-gold-black-white, well, there 'tis. and it was too bad we could only afford to have it printed in mono because it has some really nice pictures. another ohwell.

okay, now for some details. a short something from the invitation reads:

We would like to invite you to the launching of the book PA-Riles: the UST-CCMF Tondo Youth Community Development Program Participatory Action Research Experience on August 20, 2009, from 4:00-6:00 PM at the Grand Hall of the University of Santo Tomas Museum Mezzanine Level, UST Main Building. In addition, the documentary film on the Tondo Youth Development Program, titled “Daang Bakal: Buhay at Pag-asa” will also be launched and shown.

PA-Riles is a process documentation of the Participatory Action Research project of the University of Santo Tomas (through the Office for Community Development), the Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation (CCMF), and the youth of Barangay 228, Tondo, Manila , from June 2004 up to May 2007.

there you go. i'm crossing my fingers things in the coming week will go smoothly for the launch. (this is a really big office thing.) wish me luck. :)


Retro Manila said...

Oh where can I get a copy of the book?

lauren said...

@Retro Manila:

You can get a copy from our office in UST, Room 115 at the UST Main Building (Office for Community Development), starting next week. It's for free. :)

Retro Manila said...

Uy, seriously?

Who do I look for?

Pupunta talaga ako. I have to go to Manila sometime next week, e.

(Eka, di naman ako galing UST. Pano yun?)

lauren said...

@ Retro Manila
If ever you'll be able to drop by UST, go to the Main Building (the one with the cross) and say you're going to the Office for Community Development or OCD. Just look for Orya (that's my office name, haha). You'll just have to sign our visitor's logbook with the guard. :)

If you need more copies (say, if you're affiliated with an institution/NGO), we can give you more. :) For details you can email me at :) Thanks!

Retro Manila said...

Until what time is your office open?

I'm gonna email you my number.

Thanks, Lauren.

lauren said...

@ Retro Manila

our office is open 8-5. :) but i might drop by cubao x this week after work,so if ever you'll be in the area, i could give you a copy or two. :)

Retro Manila said...

Uy! That will be grand!

I'll be in Cubao X this Friday.

We have a gig at Genre, right on top of Alan's. :)

Is it ok if you get me a copy? (If you want to bring more, wow naman. Hehe!)

Dito ko na lang iwan number ko: 09228486272. :)