Friday, August 14, 2009

thursday kids: "next!"

i realized i haven't been posting our album art these past few months.

for those who want to know, ideas for the 'covers' come up during extra-special instances and experiences ige & i go through which are funny, charming, frown-worthy, endearing, and of course, memorable. we send each other messages through the covers, yiheee. kind of an inside joke. :) we've made thirty-five covers so far (correct me if i'm wrong, pare) and these show our uh, 'styles'--ige mostly with the ink and brush work (digital and otherwise), and me with my photographs. these last few months though, we felt that we could 'advance' and move on from squares to rectangles. it's time to make posters! heheh. whaddayasay dude? :)

as i wait for ige's response (i'm sure he'll agree, haha), may i just say that Poster Cabaret is a joy to look at. thanks for the link and for introducing me to FecalFace! it makes me proud of the little things that i do. :)

and now, before we change the shapes of our 'love letters' (hwek-hwek-hwek), let me post what could be the last of our album art. enjoy. :)

he made this while i was in Vietnam

he thought these were real boats (they were actually model boats i found in a souvenir shop in Ho Chi Minh)

after a boo-boo :)

and even after dreaming

and those *sigh* moments

and when he got sick and wasn't able to go to work, just when i had to go to makati.

senti much? hahaha.

so that's it. let's see what the thursday kids come up with next. stay tuned. :)

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Lad said...

Thanks for the post about poster cabaret.