Monday, February 22, 2010

the thursday kids turn one :)

it was the thursday kids' birthday weekend!

on saturday we went for a photowalk before having some coffee.
we brought out our notebooks and did some doodles.

the sign outside intramuros said "starbuck," so starbuck it is.  :)

on sunday (very, very early in the morning)--the twenty-first-- we went back to intramuros, this time to facilitate ust's unending race.  i had to mind the two-way radio,

so iggy was the one who assisted in making the starting line
 with a roll of bathroom tissue.

ready, set, go--

and they're off! as much as i wanted to run from the old ust site in intramuros to the present site in sampaloc, i couldn't, because i was tasked to coordinate through the radio.  good thing i had iggy with me, so

i still managed to have my picture taken.

when we arrived in ust,
iggy noticed my forehead dry skin problem.

but i still did a bit of clowning around the activity area

and a lot of smiling at the plaza mayor.

we went home to prepare for mass at lourdes before lunch.  as i was wating for iggy to finish, i was given
a *birthday* gift! sweetness.  it was a shirt, and i wore it right away for our lunch date.  :)

for our lunch date we stuffed ourselves at cajun (no tummyspace left for dessert, haha)

before heading home for some (ehem) birthday couple shots.


wait, there's more!  we also had chips for snacks.  and while we were still digesting the chips, we got called for dinner! more food!
 pesto and shrimp pizza, pancit canton (with shrimp), vegetables with shrimp, and fried shrimp balls.  it was shrimp everywhere!

we *heart* sicilian express :)

happy birthday to us! :D


Kat said...

Hey, cool last picture ;)

Ibyang said...

happy birthday!!! :) what a nice celebration.

Ivee said...

Nag-enjoy ako sa post na ito. Feeling ko naki-celebrate din ako sa "birthday" nyo, hehe. Happy, happy! =)

lauren said...

thanks, kat, ibyang & ivee! just sharing the blessings :)

gingmaganda said...

maligayang bati! nakakainspire naman ito. parang tutubuan na ako ng puso pag pinapanood ko kayo. haha.

lauren said...

ging, salamat! napa-ahihihi naman ako. yihee. :D