Monday, February 8, 2010

weekend highlights

hello, i am lauren's still unnamed new acquisition. she has been pining for me ever since she saw how i took pictures, and finally last saturday she went out and adopted me. even if she completely ignored me yesterday (she was deep in thought over her supersampler), i am still happy to be part of her uh, menagerie of odd-named film cameras. i hope she doesn't call me boris though.

lauren's weekend started on friday, when she got home from fieldwork in tarlac. after a well-deserved cold shower she went over to oro1 to help her labidabs in making a logo for an upcoming art fest. they had fried chicken for dinner picnic:

after dinner lauren wanted to show ige how she came up with colorful, multiple-exposure shots with her lumix and colorsplash flash. they made ghosts:

after ghostmaking, lauren wanted to try out lightpainting using ige's led flashlight. ige waved his hand in the air and made a pretty cool figure:

after that lauren spelled out her labidabs' name:

but she had a heart failure:

so ige drew a bat with boobs instead. i think it was supposed to be a cat (with boobs?):

after the batcat with boobs he went on to draw some jumping fish:

and lauren drew some clouds and popcorn flowers:

and finally a banana boat that would take them to mushroom and cheese island.

because they were having so much fun, they forgot the time! it was getting quite late and lauren still had to go home, so no logo. harhar.

on saturday afternoon, lauren and ige took lauren's sisters out to see rent at rcbc plaza. while waiting for it to start, they had coffee and for the second time since gateway a couple of years ago, starbucks spelled her name right:

after the show they took a long walk before stuffing themselves at bubba gump:
those are lauren's sisters. lauren is somewhere behind the camera. the reason why she doesn't have a photo of herself or of ige was because almost all of her shots that day were taken with me. me! ige took pictures with me too. because they were so engrossed with me the little lumix was forgotten. bwahahaha. [btw, they all agreed mimi's voice was too low.]

anyway. on sunday, lauren became busy with domestic stuff. she fixed her room (making it 'more like a bedroom'), she neatly piled up her clothes in her closet, she organized her bags, she arranged her books and art materials, she cleaned the rats' cage. (i also saw her drop a few coins in her piggy bank--i wonder what she's saving up for this time.) yes, she was so busy she completely ignored me. oh okay, not completely. before putting me in her bag last night she tied a fat white chinese-looking cat around my strap. she said it was to give me an 'identity'. i'm cool with that. the chinese are neighbors.

so that was lauren's weekend. how was yours?


fortuitous faery said...

looks magical! it's like air graffiti! :P

lauren said...

thanks! we enjoyed it a lot! :)