Thursday, May 20, 2010

film film film: Pahiyas

lesgow! this is how i looked like as we crowdsurfed through Pahiyas. full battle gear!  i only brought two film cameras: the lomo lc-a and the blackbird, fly.

little farmers on display

these nuns were so fun to watch.  they'd have their pictures taken in front of a house, then up at the balcony, and on the street--by anyone and everyone.  they didn't seem to mind having their photos taken by other people--in fact, i think they kinda enjoyed it.  they were so bubbly and full of good vibes, the noontime heat went away.

it was really hot and bright.  good thing i wore my other (tinted) pair of prescription glasses.

i kinda like this one.

hahaha. a lot of people took photos of this ginormous pale on a float.  i thought they'd be giving away beer.  alas, only candies and biscuits and facial cleansers were given away to the crowd (would have been painful to catch a bottle with your head, anyway).

i saw an albino carabao!!! it was pink(ish)!

eating pansit habhab for the first time.  i'd like to think that i was successful because 1) i habhabbed it--no utensils! and 2) nothing was left in my banana leaf!

another photo of the Deaf performer.  this image was taken with my blackbird, fly tlr so originally it was square.  i just cropped it because i think the sprocket lines were distracting and the subject's costume would stand out more without the sprocket lines.

the parade started with a blaring of horns.

fashionista tourist.  she seemed really nice when lakan asked her for permission to take her photo.

the rainbow-themed house plus a major lens flare.

carabao head home decor.

these teens were on their way to the plaza beside the church where they would be performing.  they got waylaid by excited photographers, myself included.  nice shot of their behinds, don't you think?  :P that's lakan at bottom right with a fisheye 2 + colosplash flash.

aside from the lucban longganisa i bought, i wasn't able to buy festival souvenirs.  when we started to shoot i saw this store and i liked some mini pahiyas decorations.  but i decided not to buy yet because they would just get mashed in my bag.  i thought i'd just buy when we are about to go home.

i never got to go back to that street. ho hum.

anyway, that's all for this post!  the rest of the photos are in my multiply account.  thanks for reading and sharing in the festival cheer!

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