Thursday, May 27, 2010

whatever gets me righting again, write?

like fountain pens and new notebooks.
I recently unearthed my grandfather's fountain pen, a Parker 51, and, following The Other Butch's instructions, resurrected it to become a badass, everyday, take-anywhere pen again.  Lots of thanks to the Fountain Pen Network-Philippines for taking me in, for the pen and paper reviews and FAQ, and for simply existing.  Hehe.  As for my friends who know about my addiction to notebooks and writing instruments, don't worry guys, I'm still a long way from being a die-hard collector.  I'm happy just being inspired to write.  ;)

On the other (photographic) hand I would still like to own a rangefinder.


Ibyang said...

finding old stuff from loved ones is so cool. were you named after your lolo?

lauren said...

Yup! I was named after my lolos (my second name, Regina, is after my maternal gramps Restituto--well, just the "Re" part). I never got to meet Lolo Lauro (or BongBong, as he was fondly called) though. :) I also have his cameras, and you are absolutely right about finding treasures! :)

Ibyang said...

at least even if you haven't met your Lolo Lauro, you got his cameras!!! :)

Kat said...

So cool to be able to use something like that! :)