Monday, September 27, 2010

oh my jolly god i actually won something

A few months ago I blogged about writing with pens and notebooks again through the rediscovery of my grandfather's fountain pen.  I have been lurking about the Fountain Pen Network-Philippines' e-group and blog-stalking their members (heehee), and since then, window shopping (and a few successful purchases) for fountain pens and notebooks has been a regular habit when going to the bookstore.

I now look at ballpoints with disdain and scoff at how they would hurt my wrist if I continue to use them, and beam with pride whenever someone needs a pen and I hand over my Lamy cp-1.  How do you use this, the borrower asks me, and I feel the golden glow of self-importance in the presence of the lower creature who knows not how to use the exquisite object that is my fountain pen (I'm kidding--but it does feel good to show off.).

Hmm.  I've been unusually lucky the past days: 1) Hairy Harry arrived in the mail; 2) I found something I've been looking for; and 3) I won in a giveaway!  Thank you so much Thomas A. Overfeld/TAO/Bleubug!

Let me say that again: OH MY JOLLY GOD I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING, and here it is!

Eversharp Tip-Wic

According to TAO, the Tip-Wic is "a felt tip marker made to use fountain pen ink."  It may have been produced and sold in the sixties (definitely my era) and it resembles the Parker 45.  Cool isn't it?  Can you see the amount of sketching and sign-making and doodling and drawing stick figures on my boyfriend's knees I can do with it?  We'll see soon!  The winner must write about the experience, so stay tuned!   [Knowing myself, even if I don't have to write about how I the pen is, I would still post something here, haha.]

Now, if I can only command my pens to finish my essays for school...


fortuitous faery said...

congrats on your vintage win! looks like you're the perfect person to win it too!

Anonymous said...

It's great that this made you happy. No writing on knees though, that's bad karma.

Ibyang said...

congratulations!!!! :)