Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i just can't believe my luck

that, just a few days after winning TAO's Tip-Wic, i win something again.

remember Hairy Harry and his arrival in the mail?  well, i did join four paws &'s competition and erick alerted me that i won second place!  yipee!  i won a diana mini camera along with other lomography items.

this is the hairy harry photo that won the competition:
i took the photo at the post office in the university, where i send all those postcards for postcrossing. :)

i actually already have a diana mini, and i haven't really decided what to do with the prize once i get it (read: after coughing up some cash for customs tax).  right now i'm thinking whether to use it for experiments or to just sell it. hmmm.  

anyway, on another happy note, do grab a copy of the latest women's journal magazine.  mr. ige's work in sigwada gallery's theses on philosophy exhibit is featured!  :) i gotta go get my own copy!


fortuitous faery said...

OMG Congrats! A Diana Mini! Wow! Maybe Hairy Harry is really a magical orangutan from Hogwarts!

So proud to have you in the sisterhood! And the winning photo was at the UST post office? Ahh, the mailing memories I have from that little corner of the Main Building. :)

gingmaganda said...

congratulations lauren :)