Friday, July 1, 2011


the results of yesterday's trip to the anthropology department of the u of the p:
before i get the approval for the extension of my residency, i must have a certification from my adviser that yes, indeed, i am doing my thesis and in fact, i am ready to defend my proposal this semester, as per the condition of my first residency extension.

to have a certification (and to clear some things up regarding my adviser who was transferred to another department), i have to show some paper.  preferably my thesis proposal.  or at least something that looks like it.

i missed diliman.  being there yesterday was really refreshing (the trees!  the trees!  the grassy paths!), and walking with students made me feel like a student again.  well technically i'm still a student--i meant i miss going to class in shorts.  heheh.  just kidding.

anyway--excluding work, here are some other things on my to-do list:

need to do:

  • go to the dance studio and yeah, dance.  and do yogilates.  two months of no workout makes lauren a chubby flabby girl.  i kinda miss sweating from all of my pores.  and i miss my instructors and classmates.  next week i'll be going back to peak!
  • read thesis-related stuff.  and write.
  • visit the dentist

 want to do:

  • experiment more with image transfers.  i've had some success with acryclic resin matte medium and photocopies.
  • practice developing black & white photographs.  invest in a good tank, measuring devices, and chemicals.  this will be good for my soul.  ;)
  • with that said, practice film photography.
  • buy a film scanner.
  • scan old photos.
  • finish the other books i've started.  i have three.
  • practice sketching & watercoloring.  i bought waterbrushes yesterday!
  • make a playground for my rats.
  • ride my bike.
  • watch bones.  i miss tj thyne as king of the lab. 
  • go to batanes.
  • go for a walk.
weekends are so few.


chino said...

SANA lahat ng mga want to do's mo ay mag materialize.... hihihi. happy blogging

lauren said...

Salamat Chino at happy blogging din. :)