Tuesday, July 5, 2011

downgrade, upgrade

most of the time, you want the best.  that's understandable.
i've thought about things for a while.
i want what fits me.  it may not be the best for you, of course.  
what. fits. me.  it's different from "whatever fits."
sometimes it costs more, but hey, it fits.

i'm talking about a camera.  (lol)

for the first time in months, i feel at peace with the choice i've made.

no i haven't bought anything yet.  but soon, yes?

i'm a material girl.

* * *

in other news,

it was shutter revolution's general assembly last sunday.  this is a photo by esowbee in tumblr.  i like this photo because it shows me (in a white dress with colorful prints) running to get the film and photo album that i won in the raffle, where i also gave away my olympus pen ee (goodbye, old rose) and some other stuff (bag, scrapbooks).  me in action, hahaha.

28 cd-r king film cameras all in a row, shooting simultaneously.  it was fun.

i also bought a one-of-a-kind swing bag from the talented fellow shutterbug and also designer-artist denver garza.  i've always been a fan of his recycled creations, and i am happy to support his endeavors!  no pic of the bag yet though, but let me say it brings colorful happiness to a gloomy day!  :P

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Princess Ody said...

love the action shot! the pose looks like something out of Peoople.com's Star Tracks