Thursday, September 15, 2011

thursday thoughts

a whole mug of coffee.

why i'll regret this:
  1. it's a whole mug
  2. i made it myself
and because i made it myself, it has:

one teaspoonful of nescafe first pick coffee (bought last year, it will expire this october)
two teaspoonfuls of creamer
three teaspoonfuls of white sugar


and because i made it myself,

it doesn't really taste awesome  :(

in other news:

it's really difficult not to be tempted by all (old and wonderful) film cameras being sold.  i've been yearning (that's heavy stuff) for a fully manual slr to re-learn photography with, something lighter than my canon ftql.  i'm looking at different olympus, pentax, minolta, and nikon models with good lenses, and i've seen some around online stores.  when i see a good one that's been "sitting in the closet since the nineties", i go aww and imagine myself shooting with it.  "poor camera, let me take care of you."

points to ponder:
  • no matter how badass your camera is, it doesn't make your photography better.  [it's the statement of the bitter, which i sometimes am, whenever i see people toting their dslrs and shooting "creative bokeh".]
  • you don't need an expensive camera to make good photos.  [another statement, for the bitter, poor, but talented photographer, which i would like to think i am, braving criticisms of how highly i think of myself.]

hohoho.  but i really should choose to be happy, and thankful, for what i have.  it's not the camera, it's the person behind it, anyway.

okay, having a 'good' camera helps.  'good' is relative. = aside from the specs (insert technical stuff here), i think a 'good' camera for me must have: good grip (fits well in my hand), good weight (there are days i do want to bring along a "heavy" camera), and yes, good looks (i melt at classic lines).

a camera that bonds well with you = a fulfilling relationship.  ;)

i love this camera.  i'm excited to take it out again soon!  :)

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