Tuesday, April 3, 2012

kayni's kreations!

i had a phase: when i was nineteen you wouldn't see me without hearing me first--i wore anklets with (manobo) hawk-eye bells, and i literally jingle-jangled as i walked.  i would buy and wear 'unique' accessories with my school uniform to somehow peel myself away from the rest of the blue-skirted crowd.  i was a rebel like that.  fun times.

now, i don't wear that many accessories anymore save for a few bracelets made of synthetic leather.  the 'happy stuff' all come out on happy, special, non-office occasions though, which gives me another reason to look forward to june, when i'd have quit my job to focus on my studies, and which means i'll have more opportunities to go out with all my funky happy stuff. :)

i have a love: i collect little 'shabby chic' and 'vintage' trinkets, stationery, books, wooden toys, photos.  it makes me think perhaps i was born in the wrong decade, the wrong country.  i have a fixation for anything made by hand--cards, illustrations, folded paper, letters, ribbons.  i'm an old soul like that.

so when kayni shared about her beading and opened her shop kayni's kreations, i was happy for her for nurturing a great love, and i could only watch in awe as she created bracelet after bracelet, necklace after necklace, inspired by the colors of the seasons and of her own igorot heritage.  i think she has an innate talent of simply knowing what looks good.  too bad i'm way over here at the other side of the world near the equator!

kayni's etsy shop took me back to my accessories-hoarding phase and a cheery item there caught my eye, taking me further back to the age of ten, playing with friends in the summer:

it also takes me forward to the start of the schoolyear, when one's excited to meet and hang out with new friends (while walking under the campus' acacia and fire trees).  that feeling.

another favorite is this pair of earrings--classic, timeless, and would go great with anything (especially those frilly lace dresses)!

so pretty.  these also remind me of my mom <3

kayni also has some paper 'kreations' which are so cute they'd make you want to be at your crafting best all the time.  

these hang tags are perfect for any occasion and purpose.  and look at the colors--the colors! (i'm a sucker for green / moss green, haha.)

oh, and now that easter's nearing, here's a little cuteness around the corner:
happy spring! er, summer (in this part of the world)

the online shop is off to a great start! i can see it not only having the photos of her adorable kreations, but of her accessories being worn, and her paper krafts being used as well.  i'm already envious of not being there for the fun photoshoot! :)

i'm wishing the best of luck to kayni and her shop, may she continue to make more lovely, unique, and colorful creations.  but wait, there's more! she's doing a giveaway, so head on over to her craft blog kayni's kreations and give her some more love!

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Kayni said...

Thank you and I'm glad you can join. I love your entry :). Good luck.