Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sun & sand

last weekend my family escaped the summer heat of the city by diving into the summer heat of the beach.  :P  we went to playa calatagan in batangas and spent our time beachcombing, swimming, and eating.  :)  we were also supposed to camp out (i had already set up our tent), but unfortunately we had some really loud & lewd neighbors in the campsite, so we decided to pack up our things (i gave the noisy neighbors the evil eye as we left) and just sleep in the cabanas.  i have a lot of unpleasant things to say about my experience in playa calatagan but won't write about them here--this post is for the fun stuff and being with family.

 with my supermom! btw, i love my summer dress--it's by sun n' sand (hence the title of this post), and it's thrifted! :)

 "me" pictures! i can't believe i have pictures of me.  good thing ige has his own digital camera to take photos of me with! hahaha.  (yes, i'm usually the one "not in photo".)  in this photo i'm holding up my mom's bestseller shrimp dish, which we happily feasted on for lunch.

 fan + atomizer from cd-r king!  it really helped cool my burning skin.  department stores sell the same kind of gadget for nearly 400 pesos; i got it from cd-r king for less than 200.  :)

my mom the grill queen--here preparing my favorite chicken inasal!

my niece is so active we had to reapply sunblock every now and then.

again with my secret weapon

my dad, ever the adventurer, scooped up this sea urchin from the beach at low tide.  my baby sister critiques.

 ta-da! our tent's all set up!  i have my mountaineering experience (and my big brother, in the black jersey behind the tent) to thank for.

proud homeowners, hahaha

 ige took sunset photos while i frolicked on the beach.

 come nighttime, i attempted to write.

the little boy has woken up.

dawn presented my dad with a photo op.

my niece and i enjoy our poses.


we played frisbee after xx years!

it was ige's first time to play but he easily got the hang of it :)

under the sea :)

 i float easily--the skill saves me from cramps.

my sisters' fabulous hair!


i like this photo.

ige has a lo-fi digital underwater camera. he used it to take photos and a short video clip of the jacuzzi bubbles ;)


 niece, baby sis, younger sis, and the beach

 mom and niece, who both love to swim


 a little wackiness before leaving


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