Wednesday, June 27, 2012

infographic: Oceans of Garbage

Ocean of Garbage
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why this affects me: 
  1. i live in an archipelago--islands surrounded by bodies of water--and i've been to enough beaches and islands to see the marine life AND the garbage that threatens to ruin them
  2. i like seafood. buttered prawns, calamares, and fried tilapia with mayonnaise are my favorites
  3. i'm an advocate of recycling
  4. i dislike using polystyrene/styrofoam as food packaging, and i avoid food establishments who use them as much as i can
  5. i used to have pet fish
  6. it's difficult, but i am trying to cut down on using plastic drinking straws
  7. i like turtles, and this image disturbs me: 

    a turtle trapped in a plastic ring.

sometimes i wish i could do more. i guess spreading infographics is a good start.

*I'd like to thank Meika Jensen of for sending me this infographic.  You can also spread it around! You can find the embed link here:

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