Thursday, June 7, 2012

week one

It's been a week since I timed out of my job for the last time.  So, what have I done at home so far?  I think it's good to write these things down just so I'll have a sense of accomplishment, haha.  So far, I have:

  • slept more than 5 hours a day (my body still wakes me up early though, which is awesome)
  • organized my art materials (would you believe that I have five watercolor sets?)
  • started segregating my trash into paper & plastic (threw out the stuff I've been holding on to--like three years' worth of bus tickets--in the hopes that I'd be using them in a personal project somewhat)
  • picked out papers that may be used as scratch
  • sorted through official documents and put them in my old drawer in my old room (my current bedroom sadly lacks the drawer space I need)
  • fattened up the kittens a bit
  • bought a new yoga mat. my old one was used as my niece's play mat, I think
  • read some of my unread books (see, I don't just hoard!)
  • finished watching Season 5 of Bones (thanks ige)
  • read up on anthropology (I am rusty)
  • discussed matters with my former thesis adviser and I've also begun consulting a potential new adviser
  • obtained some of the necessary signatures for my enrollment (which I will continue at a later time, considering the new adviser is not officially designated yet)
  • and some other domestic stuff like cleaning out my room and changing the sheets (I got myself a new pillow--goodbye ratty pillow!)

That's it so far.  There's still a lot on my list!  I've been taking things easy and enjoying my "vacation" while I'm not too deep in my thesis and part-time jobs (I'm considering writing again) yet. I haven't gotten around to running out in the mornings, though. Will start next week! :)


Kayni said...

great idea to make a list :). i need to do that too. i like "fatten the kittens" lol.

Erika said...

o, ipamigay na 'yang watercolor set.