Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh, May

I thought it looked like Mickey Mouse.

Update #1: Morning Runs
Hi and sorry for the lack of updates. I admit I've been lazy. Also I've been spending a lot of time doing offline things, such as reading (a real book), browsing (around bookstores for real books), swimming and getting my tan on, and running. Okay, jogging.

I'm feeling pretty good about running (okay! jogging!) and building up my endurance. A friend asked me what my fitness goal was, and I said, "running 3k without stopping, or running a full 20 minutes." It's a good and attainable goal; I've been working my way toward that. I wake up at a little past five every morning, have my 30-minute run (and walk, okay), cool down, have breakfast, check my feeds, take a bath, and dress up for work before leaving the house at around 7:40 so I can make it to work before 9. It's a good routine, and I intend to keep it up!

I'm being motivated by the thought that if I get strong enough, I can climb mountains again without panting all the way up. I joined a mountaineering club ten years ago, and the climbs and the basic mountaineering courses were some of the most memorable moments in my life. It's good training, especially learning to pitch a tent in less than five minutes.

Update #2: Film Photography is Yes
I'm waiting for some rolls to be developed, scanned, and delivered. I still patronize Digiprint's services because for me, having film rolls processed by the bulk is cheaper and more exciting (okay, I totally just had to come up with something to make me feel better about the wait). I feel somewhat disappointed though, that Digiprint branches are now down to three (four?). Anyway, I'm looking forward to updating my film photography blog celluloid shots as soon as the scans come in. 

I don't get to shoot film as often as I used to. 
And sketch.
And write.

This has got to change, yes?

Update #3. Damn Write!
The general conclusion is I don't write (non-work related stuff) anymore. My notebook is full of blah, so I figured I should start "writing again" by posting my everyday thoughts. Yes, just like a notebook but more high-tech and more embarrassing should I commit a grammatical error. But does anyone care, really? Oh you do? Okay very well then, head on over to my Weebly blog the daily mews. I'll do my best to post daily, I promise. To all my would-be visitors, thanks for the virtual high five! (Why Weebly? For one thing it's awesome, neat, and is very mobile-friendly. I can blog on the go easily!)

Update #4. Early to bed.
I'm doing my best to get enough rest so I'm avoiding late nights as much as I can. If I don't have an article to edit, I read. This probably means I won't be able to do as much sideline work as I had planned. Oh well, but it does feel good to read again! I'm currently devouring Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs, the creator/producer of my favorite series Bones. Right now I have to finish something so I can sleep by ten pm. TTFN!

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Kayni said...

I agree. It looks like Mickey. Glad to hear you've been busy. I'm finally on summer break, so I am looking forward to do more fun things.