Wednesday, May 29, 2013

things i would like to do more of

  1. listen to new/old music. my playlist needs an update.
  2. catch up on the blogs i follow. i've installed feedly on my tab in anticipation of the reader shutdown. eff you, google, for that. speaking of blogs, i've just found out that an uncle keeps a blog, and it's awesomely full of good writing. i particularly loved his entry about my cousin's driving lessons. i hope you guys visit the blog and it it to your feed! reading his posts led me to think why haven't i written, as in really written. which leads me to...
  3. write. stuff not related to work, of course. essays and short narratives, the way i used to.
  4. read. my dad lent me a book, a memoir written by a japanese soldier who grew up in the philippines and fought under the japanese flag during the second world war. i've just finished kathy reichs' deja dead, so the autobio is next on my list. i don't normally read them, but since i have a keen interest on all things ww2-related, i'll dive in. [on a side note, i'd like to go back to corregidor for a tour!]
  5. sketch. in the first place, i wasn't born with the hands of an illustrator, and not being able to sketch for a long period of time makes my meager skills more...nonexistent. over at illustration friday, the week's topic is "tension." hmm.
  6. shoot film. okay, i would like to believe i was born with the eyes of a photographer (smirk), and it would be such a waste if i (cue bragging) don't use that talent, right?

things i am doing more of
  1. sleeping early. i'm usually in bed by ten! because i'm also doing more of...
  2. running. ran 3k this morning in 20 minutes. my goal is to make it to 18, but those damn uphill climbs really hurt. 
  3. work-related writing. haha. 
  4. drinking lukewarm water
  5.  having some "me" time. ;)
and that's it! or, that's all i can think about right now. see you in my next post! or visit my "commercial break" blog the daily mews. because i have no excuse not to write. :P


Kayni said...

sounds like you're doing great on your list. i need a list this year. i've been finding myself overwhelmed with so many things these days.

lauren said...

Thanks, Kayni! Yeah, sometimes we need a list to remind us we don't have to do them all at once. :) Good luck!