Monday, October 8, 2007

don't bother me

i can't work at work. i mean, i can't do what i have to do (writing, editing) in the office. too many distractions. students popping by, office noise and random chats, my own stubborn itching to check this and that website. to discipline myself and hopefully get some stuff done, i have two options: 1) go to the university but stay in the media research office, which nobody uses except in the afternoon when there's distance ed classes; and 2) not go to work at all and instead work at home, in my brother's old room. maybe i'll do a bit of both this week. i know this is the nth time i'm writing about not being able to finish stuff for school. now there's editing to be done too, for work. i'll try to put that off to finish my essays...(sigh) i'm sooo unproductive. my fault, my fault. depressing.

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