Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is Lomo. This is Love. This is Lomolove Too.

November 10
- Lomolove Too Exhibit Opening
- Opening Concert featuring The Dawn, Taken By Cars, Cambio,
Pasok Mga Bwitre, The Ronnies and Corporate Lofi

November 17
- Bili na mga Suki! Lomomanila Flea Market & Bazaar
- Analog Day Afternoon
- Newbie and Mod Sessions at Cubao X

November 24
- Cinemalomo
- Rock the X (With Rock Ed)

December 1
- Lomopalooza (Lomo pa Loser!) Concert
- Special participation of Bitaw! Open Mic performers
- Lomomanila Christmas Party

Special thanks to Francis Inton for the poster :)

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