Tuesday, August 5, 2008

tweet tweet

Ever since one of our anthropology professors e-mailed the link of Dr. Michael Wesch's (of the Kansas State University--I'd love to have this guy as a prof-collaborator) YouTube video about what's been going on about "digital text" (The Machine Is Us/ing Us), I've been raving about it and as a result, I've also been 'renewing' my ties with my online networks and trying out a few new stuff. While I still refuse to have a Facebook account (my Friendster+Multiply accounts are enough, thank you), I have ventured to chirp into Twitter. There's more of me going around now (with the desire to connect with the rest of the world, yeah).

The Wesch-Digital Ethnography videos on YouTube couldn't have come at a more opportune time in my life. I am currently floating around, hoping to land on a topic for my master's thesis for my Anthropology degree. One of my closest friends in class strongly suggested I do something in line with my interest in media, art, and performance. Watching the video "An anthropological introduction to YouTube" gave me a renewed interest in what I've been studying and what I plan to pursue in cultural anthropology. Anthropology is so cool.

Hey RJ, mukhang may susundan ka na in terms of culture+tech and globalization. Hahaha. Play that funky music!

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