Thursday, July 31, 2008

world music ba kamo?

The Panorama Jam Fest on August 16, 2008 (that's a Saturday!) at the PICC Forum 2&3.

Workshops AND a Concert! You can join the workshops+concert, or concert lang.

The event will be hosted by Andi9 & Epi Quizon.

JAM Workshop Schedule:

12-2 pm (registration starts 11:15am)

Workshop A: Integrating ethnic instruments to modern music by Boy & Budeths of Pinikpikan

Workshop B: Demonstrating, Informing, and Jamming session using ethnic instruments by Makiling Ensemble

Workshop C: Chanting & Gangsa Playing by Carol of Pinikpikan

Workshop D: Do You Want To Put Up a Band? By Pepe Manikan

2:30-4:30 pm (registration starts 1:45pm)

Workshop E: Alibata Writing and Drum Making by Govinda of Kadangyan

Workshop F: Lecture of Pre-Hispanic Music & the making of Kadangyan Music by Mithra of Kadangyan

Workshop G: Hegalong Playing by Sammy of Pinikpikan

Workshop H: Music and Communal Awareness by Joey Ayala of Ang Bagong Lumad

Concert: 6:15pm.

Joey Ayala at Ang Bagong Lumad - Kadangyan - Pinikpikan - Makiling Ensemble - Sruvaleh - Unitiima - etc


Package A (Concert Only) - Students PhP 200.00; non-students PhP 300.00

Package B (Workshop, Snacks, and Concert) - Students PhP 400.00; non-students PhP 600.00

Package C (Workshop & Snacks) - Students PhP 250.00; non-students PhP 350.00

*For more info contact KRISTEL at 09063049777. Brought to you by the De La Salle-CSB School of Design and Arts Technical Theater Program.

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