Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh behave! (MISS-behaving exhibit)

Does misbehaving represent a manner of acting poorly or just an act too strong to be accepted? When is a person misbehaving? What set of rules make behavior appropriate?

Entitled MISS-BEHAVING, 20-year-old Bunch Garcia and Con Cabrera, 27, portray a powerful union and the harmony of opposites, an attempt to break the stereotypical. The exhibition represents the collaboration of two female visual artists to create an even greater chronicle engraving the world around them.

Garcia's new series of works in oil displays a perplex attention in redefining lust, passion, love and beauty as well. Her work puts focus on the women in history who revealed themselves before the world and whether or not they chose the acceptable way to do so is left for the argument of many.

While Cabrera's works depict the courage, persons told to be misbehaving, exude. The fighters which struggle are against the real enemies rather than the labels people put on them. Her images are both representations and realities. Narrating a story told through whispers, she explores media out of her comfort zone.

Bunch Garcia & Con Cabrera
Lunduyan Art Gallery, 88-B Kamuning Road, Quezon City

Exhibit Opens October 4, 6PM
With performance art & poetry reading

MISS-behaving runs until October 22.

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