Wednesday, October 1, 2008

bye bye baby

...saying goodbye to my Holga 135.

I don't get to use it. And I'm also using SLRs. It was really a Holga135BC I wanted, but, well, ayun. Takes great photos though. It's currently with Jonar now; I'll get it from him when we next see each other. Maybe next week. I haven't announced the sale yet (price, details, freebies). Sayang, di ko lang talaga kasi nagagamit.

Hmm. This also gives me time to really think if I'm letting it go.

(The LC-A is still on my Christmas wishlist by the way.)

The photos below were all taken using the Holga 135.

Harbor Square

Bulong at a Malate rooftop (Tutok event)
- the boxhead at lower left is Bven Calubayan

at Harbor Square still
(resto staff yosi break)

Lake Caliraya

Ayuyang Bar, Baguio City

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Cars said...

awww. i also have a holga and i'm not using it. :( altho i want too. ang mahal nung film!!

bloghop. :)