Thursday, June 18, 2009

the term is collab(idabs)

ige looking like a very small person

right, right, i'm extra bold and cheesy enough to write that down. what can i say, we enjoy the wordplay.

last saturday ige and i went for a long walk around downtown manila for our piece for sigwada gallery's "maynila" exhibit on june 24. we pretended he was blind and i was leading him along a street in binondo, and he was such a good and convincing actor that people actually stayed out of our way. we also went to quiapo to drop off my b&w roll to be developed. we were looking for something, too, but we couldn't find any, so we looked someplace else, and in that other place, we had what we needed made, after almost giving up on the search. after that, we pretended it was his birthday--he looked jolly enough anyway. and then we pretended he was from outer space, and with a few props he managed to look the part.

that sweltering day we were streetcorner kids who skipped lunch for art.

i'm not used to being vague, but i don't want to spoil the surprise. :)

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